Friday, May 30, 2008

It's a small world yesterday!

Yesterday was really a small world.

Our one and only photo na complete kmi.

Got emails from my closests friends at SMITS (Di, Elaine & Ayie) yesterday . . . sending their birthday and anniversary greetings. I was soo touched that they didn't fail to greet me though I am miles and miles apart from them. Huhuhu. Miss you angels!

I was surprised that Elaine (who just recently migrated to US from Sing) & Di (Chino Hills) happend to be at the same project. At eto pa their office is near Ayie's place (Sn Francisco). Sa dami ng projects at sa laki ng US it so happend na nagkasama-sama sila after 4 years. This wasn't planned . . . it just happend. Good for them, ako na lng daw ang kulang. Huhuhu.

Another small world incident . . .

My cyber friend Mari happend to be the wife of my SIL's (Ate Hazel) officemate Gwen. Ate Hazel and I normally exchange stories, I just can't remember how we found out that we both knew Gwen and Mari. Nakakatuwa. Ang liit tlga ng mundo . . .


Thanks Jammy for the award. This is my first!

I am passing this award to my 5 visitors: Mari, Joy, Sheryll, Jammy (m giving you this award too) & Issa.

First & Last

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First Real Job:
IT Application Specialist @ SMITS

First Screen Name:
Whuaaa! Can't remember!

First Funeral Attended:
The first funeral that I rembered attending was my Lolo Goido's funeral. I guess I was 7 y/o then.

First Pet:
Cat named Mingyaws

First Piercing:
ears at 5 y/o na beacuse my ears are so tiny hanggang ngayon.

First Tattoo:

First Kiss:
Paul – my ex

First Enemy:
My sisters. Hahaha!

Last Car Ride:
This morning.

Last Kiss:
Hubby. Before we parted ways this morning after the car lift.

I’ll be tagging no one. Hehehe. It seems everybody in my blog roll has been tag with this. Hehehe.

Describe Yourself Today

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This is me today:

  1. I feel happy today :-)
  2. Today is a good hair day. I exerted a lil effort brushing. :P
  3. I am in casual wear (polo shirt, jeans and my mary jane crocs) while at office and no make up at all.
  4. My eyebrows are in bad shape. Forgot to pluck/shave them.
  5. I feel excited because in a little while I'll be having my own sewing machine. Yahoo!
  6. I am pushing myself to finish my test script and testing by 4, so that I can blog na at 4 onwards. I really missed this and cnt wait to make kwento. Hehehe.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

After VL

Damn! I am soo busy the whole day. After 3 days of VL - tons of work welcomed me at the office. Hmp.

Though busy, happy pa rin. My users missed me. Though some problems were encountered during my VL they tried not to call me. Love tlaga nila ako. Hehehe. One more thing that makes me happy and so touched, I received 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme from my Mareng Irene as a bday gift. Super thanks mare!

I'll try to update our blog tom at lunch break. Can't wait to tell our 1st year anniv/bday story.

Friday, May 23, 2008

May 27 @ “I dare”

I am so excited on our forthcoming 1st year anniversary and my birthday of course! Mwhihi. We’ll be having an overnight stay at “The Boutique Bed & Breakfast” in Tagaytay. I have been craving for this place since it was featured at Boy and Kris. This is it and this is the best time for it. Yahoo!

We just made our reservation and we will be staying at the “I dare” room. Thanks and love you sooo much Babi (kapampangan term for pig - our term of endearment. har! har!) for giving in, though it’s a bit pricey. Hehehe.

We really wanted to have a real out of town trip or out of the country anniversary celebration, but because I am trying to conceive we can’t plan. Maselan kasi ako magbuntis eh. Maybe next year or after having a baby dun na lng kmi mag out of the country.
So when we learned that I wasn’t after the second test (May 22) we started searching where to stay. After reading several good reviews about “The Boutique” we decided to stay there.
Watchout for our "The Boutique" experience. Promise I'll be posting lots of pics.
Happy weekend everybody!

10 Random Things About Me

I am tagged by Sheryll


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Here it goes ...

  1. I do not have the song and dance talent :-( Never joined dance contests at school and never hold the mic at ktv gimmicks. Takot ako sa failing score. Hahaha.
  2. I so much love cooking but not baking. I never perfectly baked any muffins or cookies . . . what more cakes?
  3. I like doing DIY art related stuff. Invitations, cards, etc . . . awarded best in arts when Iwas in grade 4 and joined several poster making contests. Bwahaha.
  4. I can make/sew my own clothes (pants, slacks, shorts, blouses, dress but not shirts) & linens (blanket, bed sheets, pillow cases and curtains)
  5. I am OC and very keen into details. Aminado ako, tanggap ko at pinaninindigan ko na rin. .
  6. I love blogging but I cannot write a very good composition, but I can write legibly (cursive, printed or khit lettering pa . . . ano connect? Hahaha!)
  7. I cannot lie in bed and watch tv the whole day. I always want to be productive. Bakit tulog lng daw ang panhinga ko sabi ni hubby.
  8. Table tennis is the only sports that I can play and excelled in. Ehem, I was once a table tennis Pampanga team player.
  9. I hate unplanned things. I make sure things are always planned with Option A & B.
  10. I am looking forward of becoming a SAHW/M with part-time business, to study at fashion school, culinary arts, graphic arts and photography. This are my unachieved dreams. Hehehe.

I am tagging Con, Joy, Mari, Michelle & Rocks. Hmmm . . . I only got 5 remaining blogmates that weren't been tag with this entry.

Let me know if you are done so I can know you a little bit more.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dart Set

Hubby is a dart player way back his college days, kung saan-saang sulok ng Pilipinas sya napadpad because of dart tournaments / leagues. He was even awarded daw as MVP, 3 times. Hmmm . . . I wonder gaano tlga sya kagaling mag darts. I don’t actually watch him play khit sa anong games nya – darts, basketball, billiards or bowling (hindi naman sports minded si hubby…hehehe). It’s not that I don’t support him – ayaw nya lng tlga ako manood because lalo lang daw sya naprepressure. Hehehe.

Hubby has been longing to buy a dart set noon pa, dahil “gutay gutay” na tlga dart set nya – over used na tlga. Due to super daming gastusin he sets aside buying this stuff. He does his practice at his friend’s place whenever he is invited to tournaments. Sometimes he wins, sometimes not dahil daw kulang sya sa practice tlga. So I thought of buying him as a 1st year anniversary gift.

After office last Friday (May 16) I strolled at the mall while waiting for the rain to subside. To my surprise it was mall wide sale. I hurriedly checked the sports stores good thing that the dart board and pins are 10% off. I consulted Dave (his best buddy) first on what brand and what kind of pins and weight na dpat kong bilhin. Though I find it a bit pricey (o kuripot lng tlga ako), binili ko pa rin dahil for sure hubby will love it.

As I reached home, I left the dart board sa guard dahil hindi ko na kayang iakyat pa sa unit nmin dahil mabigat. Then asked the guard to hand it to hubby pagdating nya. Ung pins na lng ang ni-wrap ko so khit paano may sense of surprise pa rin. I didn’t wait na for our anniversary to come binigay ko na kaagad ung gift ko para magamit na kaagad.

He was soooo happy having a new dart set. He never expected daw na bibigyan ko sya ng ganun. He really liked the present specially the tungsten pins-pangarap daw nya un. Kung sya daw ang bibili para sa sarili nya – ung steel lng daw. If I only knew, un na rin lng binili ko, para nkatipid. Joke. Hehehe.

Though it was already late night, nilaro pa rin nya khit dpa naset set-up. Kala mo batang excited sa laruan. Then he woke up early to set up the dartboard sa wall.

Sana sa next tournament na salihan mo manalo kna. Sana manalo ka ng 1M. Balato ha. Hehehe.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Negative (-)

It’s the 34th day after my last menstrual period (counting one from first day). So, hubby and I decided to take preg test since I am days delayed. Can’t actually say how many days delayed since my cycle count plays at 28 days to 31 days.

Sad to say, the result was negative – again. :-(

Still, our fingers are crossed hoping that the test was false negative.

A positive result would be the greatest birthday gift ever, khit wala ng sewing machine ok lng.

DIY Curtains!

Yey! My DIY curtains are finally hanged.

Almost every lunch break I find time to pass by the department store of Robinson’s Galleria (our office bldg is connected at the mall) to check the displayed curtains. Not to purchase, but to inspect how they were actually made. (Copycat! Hahaha!) They are sooo expensive though 50% off pa sya from P1.5k to P750 per panel. I won’t buy such stuff were I know I can make one. Hehehe. The kuripot in me. So these became my inspiration.

Living Area

Room curtain

Table cover from the excess cloth

My DIY are not as good as those in mall. Pero pwede na for a starter and I am still proud of my work (patronize your own. haha!). And take note they are a lot lot lot cheaper. I was even able to make a table cover from the excess cloth. Best buy tlga ng raw materials sa Divi. Hehehe.

Thanks to hubby for setting up the curtain rods and mom for lending me her sewing machine.

Can’t wait to have my own sewing machine! Hubby promised that I’d be having my own on my birthday as a present. Yiheeee!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The Invitation Maker in ME

I am known here in the office as wedding invitation maker. I already made 8 wedding invitations all in all turning 10 by the end of the year. Most of the invites I made served as a gift. Some couple provided the materials (labor of love for free), some naman are totally free (sa mga super close) and some naman serves as additional income. Hehehe. It’s just another hobby that I love.

I made invitations for the ff couples:
1. Lloyd – Noli
2. Noel – Sharlyn
3. Sherwin – Prime
4. Nicki – Christine
5. Paul – Sheryl
6. Edward – Jhona
7. John – Dette
8. Raymond - Rhia (Our Very Own Wedding Invitation - the hardest invite I ever made)
9. Jun – Jessica (for Sep 20, 2008)
10. Dexter – Grace (for Dec 29, 2008)

Click here for final invitation pictures and here for mock ups.

Last Tuesday I was approached by my officemate Irene to make an invitation for Chanella’s christening and it is super rush daw. Swerte nya the network is down for 2 days – had enough time to conceptualize and layout dahil hindi kmi maka work without the network connection. I just finished the 30 pcs invites last night. Though rush, I guess I did a great job. Everyone admires the simple yet elegant invite I made.

Photos taken by John Garica
Does this mean . . . I can also make invites na rin for christening? Hmmmm . . next time birthdays naman. Hehe. I have to study pa photoshop or other graphics software. For now, word lng ang ginagamit ko – believe it or not.

I always think and a lot of people encourage me to make this as a business. Ewan ko ba bkit I don’t push through with it, to think I am a business minded person. Ang dami ko ng ninegosyo at lhat naman ay patok. I sew slacks for officemates; I sold one of my specialties - homemade stuffed cheese embotido and I sold RTW clothes. The products I sell are patronized naman – magaling ako in terms of sales talking eh. Hehe. Minsan pinipilit pa ako to sell more kaso ako ang sumusuko. I just don’t feel like expanding with this kind of business cguro. But I have this gut feel na swerte ako sa business. Hehe. As of now, I will stay muna as an employee. Wala pa sa isip ko ang mag negosyo as my bread and butter pero it’s definitely a part of our long term plan.

Starbucks served at Matt & Lala’s Wedding

May 11, 2008
Chapel on the Hill
Sonya’s Garden

This is the second wedding we attended this year. Four more weddings to go this year.

Matt is an officemate from SMITS, while Lala is hubby’s co-worker from Van Melle. Since we were both connected with the couple we decided to attend though church and reception is a bit far.

EL’s wiper is malfunctioning on that day – hubby is having a hard time driving because it was raining. We headed directly at the reception sayang we weren’t able to witness the ceremony.

While waiting for the program to start we had time for relaxation with the beauty of Sonya’s garden. Hindi na kmi nag pa spa, nagkukuripot eh. Hehehe. Below are some of the pictures I took. My bad wasn’t able to take some pics of the couple. I’ll be a good photographer next time, promise. (Babes, please give me a better cam or a DSLR for better quality pics. Hahaha!)

The wedding went well. The set up is simply the best. The food was ok – the salad was perfect. We love the pritchon. The most memorable thing siguro was the Starbucks. Yes you read it right Starbucks was freshly brewed and served after dessert. Astig di ba? This is the first wedding that I attended na nag serve ng Starbucks. I never thought that Starbucks caters wedding functions. Hehehe. Hubby told me that Lala is a certified Starbucks addict. Kaya pla . . .

To Matt & Lala . . . wishing you a blissful married life. Congrats & Best wishes. Thanks for inviting us over.

EL is officially ours :-)

Who is EL? EL is how we call our first baby. Our car. Hubby called him EL simply because it is a Lancer EL. Walang ka effort-effort mag-isip si hubby ng name eh. Hehe.

Why officially ours? The 4-installment period is over. Full payment made last April 30. Payment should have ended last March 30, due to the fire incident held last March 26 we weren’t able to pay because we needed cash for moving out to a new place (for DP and advances). Good thing no late payment penalty was charged. Hehehe.

EL is our first major investment (property). It may not be a fancy car; at least we have a car that we can use. We’ll just buy a brand new car when we have more than enough money. Hahaha. Tsaka na, house and baby is our priority now.

EL is actually the car I use when I was still single. It is my official runaway buddy when I home at Pampanga. Since the car is seldom used at home (Dad and Mom prefers the L300 because it is Diesel engine vehicle . . . mas tipid) hubby and I decided to buy it though it is not being sold. At super binarat nmin. Hehehe. Dad and mom gave in though the price is not right and to think it was on an installment basis. Sabi nga nila mabuti na ang binili kahit lugi kaysa hiningi. Hehehe. There were tons of reminders before they handed the car to us, kala mo bata ang tiniturn over sa amin. Hahaha. Ma-alaga tlga si Dad sa kotse, we actually expected those reminders.

Paging hubby, you might be reading this post. Please let me drive EL, I am always at the passenger’s seat. Hmp. You know that I can drive well at our province and I want to test my driving skills here in Manila. Hehehe

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 11: Didn’t make it to Mom’s Day

Yesterday was supposedly my due date of giving birth to our first baby. I almost made it sana sa mother’s day. Sayang. I am just wondering what situation would I be in right now if our baby made it. Hay, I felt this certain sadness while writing this. Maybe it’s true that things happen for a reason. We might not be able to buy a car and purchase a house if baby pushed thru. Well, God only knows.

It’s almost 8 months now since I was admitted to the hospital for a D&C. It was a nightmare for hubby and me. We didn’t expect that I am sensitive in terms of conceiving. Two months after my D&C we tried making baby again, until now . . . we are not yet blessed. We hope soon. We really want to have a baby and we are rest assured that we are ready at parenthood.

Let me reminisce what happened then . . .

Aug 4 - my last menstrual period

Aug week 4 - I was diagnosed with UTI. Had a week medication. Good thing the antibiotics given were safe for pregnant.

Sept 8 - Some spots appeared on my liners, I thought it was my first day. So I cleaned the entire house and did the laundry. Afterwards we headed to the mall to watch horror movie after movie went to the rest room and to my surprise my menstruation stopped. Then hubby and I heard mass standing for an hour with my high heels on (it’s Mama Mary’s Birthday). After hearing mass we had groceries.

Sep 9 - As I woke up in the morning there were again a few drops of blood in my liners instead of heavy flow since it’s my second day. So we decided to take a pregnancy test. After 10 mins of result waiting, it was negative. An hour after I check again the kit and it turned into positive but it was blurd. To my excitement I even jumped several times. Hehe.

Sep 10 - I woke up early with a smile in my face though there were still some spots in my pads. Went early at the office. After office, I had trans-v then visited the doctor and requested me to take pampakapit, vitamins and a 2 weeks bed rest.

Sep 11-16 - I was on bed rest. Good thing hubby can work at home. So while taking care of me he can do his office work. I lived like a princess. Hehehe. During this week I also had a urine test. I was super surprised of the result it went up to 34-36! This is my highest count ever.

Sep 17 - A week after medication we did another round of preg test. The positive line is almost gone. The doctor requested me to have another round of trans-v. Then it was confirmed that I was miscarriage sad to say I have to undergo D&C. I was immediately rushed at emergency. Operation is scheduled that night but my cervix is not yet opened.

Sep 18 - The operation day. I almost hit the nurse because of the too much pain of the vaccine she shut at my butt. It was the pampakalma. I was really at relax mode, d tlga ako kinabahan khit nung nasa operating room na ako. Then I felt another pain when the anesthesia was injected.

Sep 19 - We were back at our love nest.

Sep 20 - Come Saturday we went home to Pampanga – were I had my 2 mos maternity leave. Hubby needs to go back to office.

This is my D&C story.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Plans

Yey! TGIF! It's my fourth post for the day. Isn't obvoius that I am in petiks mode again. Just unwinding. Hahaha!

A weekend for me is doing non-routinely work that’s why I so love it! I want to be productive as much as I can. I actually get up early on weekends than weekdays. Hehehe. Every weekend I see to it that I do the laundry, clean the house and of course cook special food for hubby. (Hay! No wonder why we are getting bigger and bigger. . . Haha!)

Aside doing the household chores . . . this coming weekend Hubby and I are planning to do the following:

1. Have our sink fixed.
2. Set up the curtains rods. Yey! I can finally put my curtains on.
3. Stroll at the mall.
4. Watch dvds at night while relaxing

1. Press clothes
2. Attend Matt & Louela wedding at Tagaytay.

Happy weekend everybody!

Is cooking for Ronin?

It seems that I am doing a hobby transfer to my nieces and nephew. Hehehe. I am not claiming that I am pro, just like to share with the kids what I know. As much as possible I want them to learn other things than playing and watching TV the whole day. Yeah I know they are still young and I won’t push them. Of course I still want them to enjoy their childhood.

If arts is for Tammy and sewing for Rory . . . how about Ronin? Will cooking suit him? I guess having a 7 y/o cook student is no joke. I have to wait 3 or more years maybe before I can teach him.

As I observe Ronin he has a wide range of imagination. He can do several forms out of his tiny mat set. He loves puzzles and he is really good at it. I can’t even beat him at forming a puzzle. Hmmm . . . it seems that what he likes is far from cooking. Hehehe.

Mommy and I loves to cook but then again we didn’t made it as a part of our career though a lot of people praises the food we cook and encourages us try food business. Nah! I guess being in the food industry is a tough one. Using it in our everyday lives is more than enough.

Will Ronin be the next cook in the family? I hope that the signs of telling his mom that he wants to become a chef someday and watching cooking show will turn into reality.

If I’ll see my nieces and nephew grew up pursuing a career in arts, fashion and cooking its as if my dream came into reality. These 3 fields are my dream of becoming then – but I ended being at IT Specialist. Not bad at all, but there is no sense of fulfillment. Until now, I am longing to have a formal education in culinary, fashion and graphic arts. I hope when I have enough money to study these it is not too late.

Rory @ Sewing 101

Rory, my 8 y/o niece is going grade 4 this coming June. Eight years at old grade 4? Yes, she’s a year advance. She had summer when she was at pre-school and passed the examination to be accelerated from K1 to Grade1. Good thing she’s not left behind at school she even earned Best in Sibika and Filipino. Hmm . . . intelligent kid.

When I was in Grade 4, sewing was introduced to us and I did great! I was awarded Best in Home Economics at the end of the school year. Grand slam from Grade 4 to 6. Hehehe. Since Rory going grade 4 I thought of teaching her in advance -- Sewing 101.

Lesson 01: The Knot
Lesson 02: Running Stitch
Lesson 03: Outline Stitch

She did a great job! Her stitches were almost perfect but she doesn’t have enough patience and lacks focus. I guess mommy is right that Rory is still young – I don’t have to force her to learn new and complicated things at her age.

She was thinking of being a fashion designer when she grew up like one of the Bratz girls. I hope she will. Just like our love for art, no one among us (mommy, ate noli and me) didn’t take fashion/sewing skills seriously. We simply considered it as a hobby.

Tammy drawing Babis

(Babi – is a Kampanpangan word for Pig)

As I scan my picture gallery on my cam phone saw this cutie funny drawing of Tammy. Pictures below were drawn by her one Sunday afternoon. As far as I can remember that incident she grab a board and pencil and sat at my mom’s table making fast pencil strokes and keeping what she’s doing from us. After drawing, she laughingly revealed her work. Naughty Tam. (Iha, hindi kita tinuraun mag draw para mang-asar. Hmp!)

Tammy, my 6 y/o niece really loves to draw - and she does it well huh. Her drawings are far better than a 10 y/o child. For two consecutive school years she was awarded Best in Arts. Just like her tita . . . ehem. Hehehe. It actually runs in the blood - Dad and my sisters draw well too. Unfortunately none of us ended being a real artist. No one developed the talent and entered the field of art. I hope when Tammy grows up she’ll pursue a career related to arts.

When I have free time I teach her how to draw, blend - apply colors, shares some tips and tricks to produce a nice piece of art. She’s is patient in learning new ideas, a fast learner and applies what she learned. Bias ba dahil ako ang mentor? Haha!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Productive long weekend . . .

Oh I missed blogging . . . I have been busy lately at work and with my all time favorite hobby-sewing. Entry below talks about my activities over the weekend of May 1-4 :-)
Spending Labor Day @ Divi
Yey! It’s a holiday! I shopped at Divi with Hubby and Ate Noli. I missed doing this stuff – after wedding preps hindi na ako nkabalik dito. We had power breakfast (sinangag, crispy-fried dried posit, egg and coffee – yummy!) before living, making sure that we have enough energy to shop.

Our first stop: Ilaya St – as in ung kalye, and it didn’t fail us; there were tons of nice cloth for curtains – nakakalula. I ended up buying 10 yards of curtain cloth and 6 yards of curtain rings, and the price is super cheap. I also got 12 yards of cloth for my nieces’ uniform, cheap din. I wanted to shop for more cloth sana for pants and blouses kaso it’s super init and medyo mabigat na rin ung napamili namin. We can go back naman some other time. Malapit lang naman and besides I don’t have enough time to sew and I don’t yet have my own sewing machine. Nakikigamit lang ako kay mommy. Need to go home pa sa Pampanga para makatahi.

Our next stop is Divine Mart – sa may Ilaya St pa rin. We shopped for cloth pa rin for hubby’s pants – pricey pero maganda tlga. Then as we stroll along may nkita kmi polo barong na pamasok that are biggie sizes, parang ginawa for hubby. Hehehe. More than half the price ng nasa mall, pero the quality is the same. I just have to change the buttons.

We walked ng super layo just to have lunch at. . . forgot the resto name (kinda near Binondo Church. Serves Chinese cuisine - we love this kind of food. We really had sumptuous lunch dahil it’s a buffet with free dessert and bottomless iced tea all for 250. Pati sa food nkamura din kami.

After eating we parted ways. I went to Pampanga (home province) to spend my long weekend. Yey! I’m on VL the following day para I can sew and sew. Hehe.

Fridays is how we (mom, tita & my sisters) call market day at our hometown simply because it’s held every Friday. There are lots of cheap stuffs that can be bought. It’s like a small Divi, streets are stuffed with lots and lots of items. Since I am on leave I had the chance to shop. I bought 2 cool sandos @ P50 only and cloth for my slacks (1-black & 1-light gray) @ P50/yrd. For my size I only need 1.25 yrds more or less a pants would only cost P90 including zipper, thread and electricity. Cheap noh?

I am so excited to sew all the cloth I bought kaya lng I only have limited time. Matapos ko kaya lahat ng ito? Gusto ko tuloy magbakasyong engrande. Hehehe

Daddy’s Birthday
It’s daddy’s day last April 29 and we celebrated it last May 3.

Though daddy has allergies I am still glad that he is healthy on his 59th year. A year to go and he is a certified senior citizen na. Hehehe. We celebrated his birthday differently this year. We usually dine-out or set an outing. It’s the allergies fault – they are not actually obvious but dad should avoid lots of food. He didn’t entertain the dining out idea because hindi daw nya ma-eenjoy ang food. Outing is not a good thing din because afterwards nagkakasakit naman ang mga bata. We decided to celebrate at home na lng.

Mom ordered special palabok while Ate Noli brought home mango ice cream cake from Conti’s. This served as our afternoon snacks. Yummy!

At dinner we invited over Lola and Tito Sonny’s family. Special food (by yours truly and hubby) served at our backyard, our fav dining spot for special occasions. We had shrimp tempura and crabsticks as appetizer, grilled hotdog for kids. Grilled t-bone steak, salad, rice and red wine as main coarse. Fruits and ice cream for dessert. Ang sarap ng kain and kwentuhan namin we were laughing the whole night. I hope daddy was happy on his birthday.

Happy birthday daddy!

Oh btw, I already finished my curtains (comprises of 4 panels). I made table cover from the excess cloth. I wasn’t able to finish my pants since I was assigned to do the cooking and grilling. Thanks babi for helping me out. Finish product pictures will be posted soon. :-)

The Boxer Shorts
I woke up early last Sunday (May 4) to be productive. I want to sew more sana kaso I have limited time because we’ll be going back to Manila at 3PM . Hay, back to routines na naman. How I wish to sew 2 slacks . . . I know I will run out of time so I ended making a pair of boxer shorts for hubby and me. The boxer shorts are so comfy sarap isuot. Thanks mom for sharing your cloth to us and helping me cut it.