Thursday, May 8, 2008

Productive long weekend . . .

Oh I missed blogging . . . I have been busy lately at work and with my all time favorite hobby-sewing. Entry below talks about my activities over the weekend of May 1-4 :-)
Spending Labor Day @ Divi
Yey! It’s a holiday! I shopped at Divi with Hubby and Ate Noli. I missed doing this stuff – after wedding preps hindi na ako nkabalik dito. We had power breakfast (sinangag, crispy-fried dried posit, egg and coffee – yummy!) before living, making sure that we have enough energy to shop.

Our first stop: Ilaya St – as in ung kalye, and it didn’t fail us; there were tons of nice cloth for curtains – nakakalula. I ended up buying 10 yards of curtain cloth and 6 yards of curtain rings, and the price is super cheap. I also got 12 yards of cloth for my nieces’ uniform, cheap din. I wanted to shop for more cloth sana for pants and blouses kaso it’s super init and medyo mabigat na rin ung napamili namin. We can go back naman some other time. Malapit lang naman and besides I don’t have enough time to sew and I don’t yet have my own sewing machine. Nakikigamit lang ako kay mommy. Need to go home pa sa Pampanga para makatahi.

Our next stop is Divine Mart – sa may Ilaya St pa rin. We shopped for cloth pa rin for hubby’s pants – pricey pero maganda tlga. Then as we stroll along may nkita kmi polo barong na pamasok that are biggie sizes, parang ginawa for hubby. Hehehe. More than half the price ng nasa mall, pero the quality is the same. I just have to change the buttons.

We walked ng super layo just to have lunch at. . . forgot the resto name (kinda near Binondo Church. Serves Chinese cuisine - we love this kind of food. We really had sumptuous lunch dahil it’s a buffet with free dessert and bottomless iced tea all for 250. Pati sa food nkamura din kami.

After eating we parted ways. I went to Pampanga (home province) to spend my long weekend. Yey! I’m on VL the following day para I can sew and sew. Hehe.

Fridays is how we (mom, tita & my sisters) call market day at our hometown simply because it’s held every Friday. There are lots of cheap stuffs that can be bought. It’s like a small Divi, streets are stuffed with lots and lots of items. Since I am on leave I had the chance to shop. I bought 2 cool sandos @ P50 only and cloth for my slacks (1-black & 1-light gray) @ P50/yrd. For my size I only need 1.25 yrds more or less a pants would only cost P90 including zipper, thread and electricity. Cheap noh?

I am so excited to sew all the cloth I bought kaya lng I only have limited time. Matapos ko kaya lahat ng ito? Gusto ko tuloy magbakasyong engrande. Hehehe

Daddy’s Birthday
It’s daddy’s day last April 29 and we celebrated it last May 3.

Though daddy has allergies I am still glad that he is healthy on his 59th year. A year to go and he is a certified senior citizen na. Hehehe. We celebrated his birthday differently this year. We usually dine-out or set an outing. It’s the allergies fault – they are not actually obvious but dad should avoid lots of food. He didn’t entertain the dining out idea because hindi daw nya ma-eenjoy ang food. Outing is not a good thing din because afterwards nagkakasakit naman ang mga bata. We decided to celebrate at home na lng.

Mom ordered special palabok while Ate Noli brought home mango ice cream cake from Conti’s. This served as our afternoon snacks. Yummy!

At dinner we invited over Lola and Tito Sonny’s family. Special food (by yours truly and hubby) served at our backyard, our fav dining spot for special occasions. We had shrimp tempura and crabsticks as appetizer, grilled hotdog for kids. Grilled t-bone steak, salad, rice and red wine as main coarse. Fruits and ice cream for dessert. Ang sarap ng kain and kwentuhan namin we were laughing the whole night. I hope daddy was happy on his birthday.

Happy birthday daddy!

Oh btw, I already finished my curtains (comprises of 4 panels). I made table cover from the excess cloth. I wasn’t able to finish my pants since I was assigned to do the cooking and grilling. Thanks babi for helping me out. Finish product pictures will be posted soon. :-)

The Boxer Shorts
I woke up early last Sunday (May 4) to be productive. I want to sew more sana kaso I have limited time because we’ll be going back to Manila at 3PM . Hay, back to routines na naman. How I wish to sew 2 slacks . . . I know I will run out of time so I ended making a pair of boxer shorts for hubby and me. The boxer shorts are so comfy sarap isuot. Thanks mom for sharing your cloth to us and helping me cut it.

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