Friday, April 25, 2008


Yehey! After the new look of our journal, bling-blings naman.

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Muntik na ako maloka sa kakahanap were to insert from the Hmtl template the blings code. IT pa man din ako pero hindi ako programmer. Hahaha! Good thing I figured out the other way on how to do it without the code insert thingy. Pang functional tlga ako, palusot. Hehe :P

I hope that I can improve pa this and be an active blogger. Find and tag some friends at our Blog Roll and eventually earn from this. Asa pa. Hahaha. Mukhang maraming pa dapat akong i-exert na effort to improve this and become a professional blogger.

Parang I am so obvious na - na wala akong ginagawa ngayon sa office. Hahaha! Actually, tapos ko na po, advance pa nga eh, yabang . . . Hehehe. Nag a-unwind lng para naman hindi ako ma-bore :P

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Before I start the meat of my post . . . wala lng i just like to acknowledge my blog's new look. Hehehe. Still, a lil bit pale . . . pero mas makulay naman than before. Though pale, clean naman sya tignan . . . next time lalagyan ko na sya kaartehan. Add in a customized header cguru, I have to study pa on how I can do that. For the meantime ganyan muna . . . I dnt yet have the time and patience. Hehehe. . .
Approved? Oh yes! My promotion got approved na daw. Sup 3 na ako effective May 1, 2008. A single step na lng and manager na ako, and so??? I hope before this thing happens e nasa ibang company na ako. May 2009 naiinip na ako sayo. Hehehe. Paghahandaan kita and i'll be targeting that 6-digit salary. Haha!
My promotion is nothing to look forward to, nothing to celebrate. Why? Though promoted and a 17% increase will be given - it is still not enough, to think I am experienced and a SAP SD certified consultant. Hmp. Buti na lng at mabait ako, I still do good in my work at di ako nag a-AWOL wherein pwede naman dahil d pa rin ako pumipirma ng contract. Haha!
Sorry but I hate to compare what I am receiving with others. I strongly believe in terms of experience, quality-quantity, service and dedication to work I know I am way ahead. How I wish they know how to weigh an employee's qualification and fair enough in terms of compensation.
Just venting out . . .

Thursday, April 3, 2008

House Update #01: Our Very Own HOME!

It's been months since i started searching for a house via internet, I give myself around 1-2 hrs a day to search (during lunch break or before going home/while waiting for hubby, minsan sinasabay ko na rin sa pag check mail pagdating ko ng office. hehe) I do some inquiry, requests for sample computation and kung pasok sa specs nmin we request for tripping.

Marvela: House model (this is how our home will look like)

Last March 15 we had another round of tripping. Met the broker at Festival Mall at 10AM then we headed sa Daang Hari to see the model units at Camella Homes Cerritos. We instantly fell in love with the model units and with the community. It's really nice! Dahil nagustuhan nmin we decided to see the actual site sa may Taguig (Diversion Road), lapit sa Petron C-5 and Market! Market! As per hubby's assesment ok naman daw sa kanya ang location, hindi kalayuan and malapit sa mga commercial areas. It's just a few minutes away sa Ortigas via C-5, Makati and airport.

After two weeks, we finally decided to invest. We made our reservation last Mar 31. 10% DP will be paid in 12 mos at 0% interest, less reservation fee. We opted for the 10 year term payment scheme via bank housing loan thru RCBC which will start after the DP.
Archi friends any advise? Ano dapat nming bantayan during the house construction? Btw, this is Camella Homes pla. Heard any reviews/feedbacks on this?
This April start na ung development ng site and expected turn over is by 2Q or 3Q of 2009. Sana 2009 na! Para makalipat na kmi . . . we are so excited to furnish our house, fill it with love and turn it into a home :-)

March 2008 (Busy-Fire-Home)

It's blogging time once again!

Finally, I finished all the asap system configuration, support for small but controvesial projects and my simplified but complicated tech specs for OR Automation Project. Petiks mode muna ulit. Need to rest muna my over used na brain. I am excerting too much effort pero not worth the pay for a SAP certified consultant. Unfair! Hehehe. Anyway, I know time will come for me and everything will pay off . . . yayaman din ako. 1 taon na lng! Hahaha!

March was indeed a very busy month for us (hubby and I) and ang dami rin happenings that we never thought na mangyayari.

Busy! Busy! Busy!
At work syempre! Since Hubby and I have the same profession we understand each other, so this is a no issue. There are times pa nga na we consult each other at kapag medyo light work load ko, I help him. Hubby is busier than me. He even worked nung Holy Week (lapit na ksi go live nila) so I spent the season sa Pampanga. Hanggang ngayon busy pa rin sya. Well I guess this is what IT profession really is, minsan dami work load, minsan wala (tulad ngayon). Hehehe. I love it!

I guess some of you heard the angelica jones' fire incident. Hay naku! nadamay pa kami dahil we live on the same apartelle/bldg, 2f kmi while 3f sya. Good thing nothing bad happend to us and other tenants pati na rin sa things namin, binaha lng kmi. The worst thing is wala pa rin kami kuryente upto now. Aghrrr! Hindi namin kinaya ang init and mosquitoes.

We have 2 options naman where to stay while waiting for the electricity resoration. Siguro maselan, naninimbang or ayaw lng nmin tlga magkahiwalay. Option 1: Sa condo (Fort) ni ate, where she lives alone dahil wala naman bro-in-law ko. Option 2: Sa in-laws ko (Makati). Dahil we both dont want to stay sa side nya, side ko or sleep separately we ended checking-in every night. At ang gastos ah.

We are now looking for a place were we can transfer dahil hindi pa rin alam when marerestore ang electricity, pero sure sila na matatagalan - more than a month daw. Whew! We were advised by the care taker kung pwede lipat na rin kmi. like what other tenants did. Hay! We don't actually want to give up the unit since matagal na ako dito, 2001 pa. Aside sa matagal na ako . . . I love the location, malapit sa office, malapit sa lhat ng needs and the rent is cheap compared to nearby for rent apartments. Upto now hindi pa rin namin alam kung ano gagawin nmin. Ang hirap magdecide specially kpag ayaw mo iwan ang place were we both started relationship and shared our memories.

Our Future HOME!
It's not that we don't want to leave our rented love nest. Moving out is actually a part of our plan pero hindi pa ngayon ang takdang panahon by 3Q of 2009 pa dahil by this time matuturn-over na sa amin ang aming bahay. Yes on our very own home! Yiheee!

See my next blog for more details :)