Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Plans!

Below are our major targets or plans this 2008.

1. To have a baby.
2. Purchase a house or townhouse.
3. Clean up credit cards accounts.

Few plans but hard to accomplish. Hehehe. We do hope that everything will materialize :-) Goodluck to us! :P

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Top 10 Hubby and I 2007 Highlights

1. Hubby and I on full blast wedding preparation mode (Jan to May)
2. Hubby and I had our Pre-Nup pictorial – Lakeshore (Mar 12)
3. Hubby and I had our Pre-Nup video shoot – Greenbelt 4: All Star (Mar 25)
4. Hubby and I got married (May 27)
5. Hubby and I had our first out of town trip - honeymoon (June 1 to 4)
6. Hubby and I furnished our love nest with – aircon, microwave and flat screen tv with cable (June wk 2-3)
7. Hubby and I lost our supposedly first baby (Sep 18)
8. Hubby started a new career with Supply Chain (Nov 19)
9. Hubby and I bought our first major property – EL (Dec 9)
10. Hubby and I celebrated our first Christmas together – Pampanga (Dec 25)