Friday, May 9, 2008

Rory @ Sewing 101

Rory, my 8 y/o niece is going grade 4 this coming June. Eight years at old grade 4? Yes, she’s a year advance. She had summer when she was at pre-school and passed the examination to be accelerated from K1 to Grade1. Good thing she’s not left behind at school she even earned Best in Sibika and Filipino. Hmm . . . intelligent kid.

When I was in Grade 4, sewing was introduced to us and I did great! I was awarded Best in Home Economics at the end of the school year. Grand slam from Grade 4 to 6. Hehehe. Since Rory going grade 4 I thought of teaching her in advance -- Sewing 101.

Lesson 01: The Knot
Lesson 02: Running Stitch
Lesson 03: Outline Stitch

She did a great job! Her stitches were almost perfect but she doesn’t have enough patience and lacks focus. I guess mommy is right that Rory is still young – I don’t have to force her to learn new and complicated things at her age.

She was thinking of being a fashion designer when she grew up like one of the Bratz girls. I hope she will. Just like our love for art, no one among us (mommy, ate noli and me) didn’t take fashion/sewing skills seriously. We simply considered it as a hobby.

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Rona said...

Rory may have a future in fashion design. She is particular with clothes, hairstyle and accessories when drawing people.