Friday, May 23, 2008

May 27 @ “I dare”

I am so excited on our forthcoming 1st year anniversary and my birthday of course! Mwhihi. We’ll be having an overnight stay at “The Boutique Bed & Breakfast” in Tagaytay. I have been craving for this place since it was featured at Boy and Kris. This is it and this is the best time for it. Yahoo!

We just made our reservation and we will be staying at the “I dare” room. Thanks and love you sooo much Babi (kapampangan term for pig - our term of endearment. har! har!) for giving in, though it’s a bit pricey. Hehehe.

We really wanted to have a real out of town trip or out of the country anniversary celebration, but because I am trying to conceive we can’t plan. Maselan kasi ako magbuntis eh. Maybe next year or after having a baby dun na lng kmi mag out of the country.
So when we learned that I wasn’t after the second test (May 22) we started searching where to stay. After reading several good reviews about “The Boutique” we decided to stay there.
Watchout for our "The Boutique" experience. Promise I'll be posting lots of pics.
Happy weekend everybody!

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malditang bunso said...

Enjoy yout anniv..

I still cant find the cbox. hahaha I mean I can see it but I cant see where to put my message. Hahaha. Anyway, have something for you in my blog...