Friday, May 9, 2008

Is cooking for Ronin?

It seems that I am doing a hobby transfer to my nieces and nephew. Hehehe. I am not claiming that I am pro, just like to share with the kids what I know. As much as possible I want them to learn other things than playing and watching TV the whole day. Yeah I know they are still young and I won’t push them. Of course I still want them to enjoy their childhood.

If arts is for Tammy and sewing for Rory . . . how about Ronin? Will cooking suit him? I guess having a 7 y/o cook student is no joke. I have to wait 3 or more years maybe before I can teach him.

As I observe Ronin he has a wide range of imagination. He can do several forms out of his tiny mat set. He loves puzzles and he is really good at it. I can’t even beat him at forming a puzzle. Hmmm . . . it seems that what he likes is far from cooking. Hehehe.

Mommy and I loves to cook but then again we didn’t made it as a part of our career though a lot of people praises the food we cook and encourages us try food business. Nah! I guess being in the food industry is a tough one. Using it in our everyday lives is more than enough.

Will Ronin be the next cook in the family? I hope that the signs of telling his mom that he wants to become a chef someday and watching cooking show will turn into reality.

If I’ll see my nieces and nephew grew up pursuing a career in arts, fashion and cooking its as if my dream came into reality. These 3 fields are my dream of becoming then – but I ended being at IT Specialist. Not bad at all, but there is no sense of fulfillment. Until now, I am longing to have a formal education in culinary, fashion and graphic arts. I hope when I have enough money to study these it is not too late.

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Rona said...

At the age of 2, Ronin did profess that he wanted to become a chef like Tyler in Food 911. He may grow into a hearthrob like Tyler. He has the classy taste of Mario and Wolfgang Puck but has not shown indications of becoming a chef other than wanting to watch people cook. When he was 5, I asked him if he really wanted to become a chef. He asked me if when I was his age, did I know what I really wanted to become?