Friday, May 16, 2008

EL is officially ours :-)

Who is EL? EL is how we call our first baby. Our car. Hubby called him EL simply because it is a Lancer EL. Walang ka effort-effort mag-isip si hubby ng name eh. Hehe.

Why officially ours? The 4-installment period is over. Full payment made last April 30. Payment should have ended last March 30, due to the fire incident held last March 26 we weren’t able to pay because we needed cash for moving out to a new place (for DP and advances). Good thing no late payment penalty was charged. Hehehe.

EL is our first major investment (property). It may not be a fancy car; at least we have a car that we can use. We’ll just buy a brand new car when we have more than enough money. Hahaha. Tsaka na, house and baby is our priority now.

EL is actually the car I use when I was still single. It is my official runaway buddy when I home at Pampanga. Since the car is seldom used at home (Dad and Mom prefers the L300 because it is Diesel engine vehicle . . . mas tipid) hubby and I decided to buy it though it is not being sold. At super binarat nmin. Hehehe. Dad and mom gave in though the price is not right and to think it was on an installment basis. Sabi nga nila mabuti na ang binili kahit lugi kaysa hiningi. Hehehe. There were tons of reminders before they handed the car to us, kala mo bata ang tiniturn over sa amin. Hahaha. Ma-alaga tlga si Dad sa kotse, we actually expected those reminders.

Paging hubby, you might be reading this post. Please let me drive EL, I am always at the passenger’s seat. Hmp. You know that I can drive well at our province and I want to test my driving skills here in Manila. Hehehe

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