Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekend Plans

Yey! TGIF! It's my fourth post for the day. Isn't obvoius that I am in petiks mode again. Just unwinding. Hahaha!

A weekend for me is doing non-routinely work that’s why I so love it! I want to be productive as much as I can. I actually get up early on weekends than weekdays. Hehehe. Every weekend I see to it that I do the laundry, clean the house and of course cook special food for hubby. (Hay! No wonder why we are getting bigger and bigger. . . Haha!)

Aside doing the household chores . . . this coming weekend Hubby and I are planning to do the following:

1. Have our sink fixed.
2. Set up the curtains rods. Yey! I can finally put my curtains on.
3. Stroll at the mall.
4. Watch dvds at night while relaxing

1. Press clothes
2. Attend Matt & Louela wedding at Tagaytay.

Happy weekend everybody!


Jacque said...

sis! your tagboard does'nt have spaces where we can write messages?? hmmm...

oh and please tell me more about camella homes naman in taguig? heard a lot of good feedbacks about it e. we're currently looking for one din sana.

yup! add me up. i'll add you up too ha. :)

Raymond & Rhia said...

hi sis.
i'll check what's wrong with my cbox.

re: camella homes...we were actually looking for a buyer then (helping out my MIL who is a broker). sayang di kita nkilala kaagad. sold out na sis. i'll inform you if they'll be opening phase 4. plese PM me at i'll send you a sample computation.

btw, i already added you in my blogroll.