Friday, May 9, 2008

Tammy drawing Babis

(Babi – is a Kampanpangan word for Pig)

As I scan my picture gallery on my cam phone saw this cutie funny drawing of Tammy. Pictures below were drawn by her one Sunday afternoon. As far as I can remember that incident she grab a board and pencil and sat at my mom’s table making fast pencil strokes and keeping what she’s doing from us. After drawing, she laughingly revealed her work. Naughty Tam. (Iha, hindi kita tinuraun mag draw para mang-asar. Hmp!)

Tammy, my 6 y/o niece really loves to draw - and she does it well huh. Her drawings are far better than a 10 y/o child. For two consecutive school years she was awarded Best in Arts. Just like her tita . . . ehem. Hehehe. It actually runs in the blood - Dad and my sisters draw well too. Unfortunately none of us ended being a real artist. No one developed the talent and entered the field of art. I hope when Tammy grows up she’ll pursue a career related to arts.

When I have free time I teach her how to draw, blend - apply colors, shares some tips and tricks to produce a nice piece of art. She’s is patient in learning new ideas, a fast learner and applies what she learned. Bias ba dahil ako ang mentor? Haha!

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Rona said...

Tam is a good writer and storyteller too. Some of her drawings have narratives. Those sketches above were actually narrated as Tita Peggy and Tito Babi.