Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DIY Curtains!

Yey! My DIY curtains are finally hanged.

Almost every lunch break I find time to pass by the department store of Robinson’s Galleria (our office bldg is connected at the mall) to check the displayed curtains. Not to purchase, but to inspect how they were actually made. (Copycat! Hahaha!) They are sooo expensive though 50% off pa sya from P1.5k to P750 per panel. I won’t buy such stuff were I know I can make one. Hehehe. The kuripot in me. So these became my inspiration.

Living Area

Room curtain

Table cover from the excess cloth

My DIY are not as good as those in mall. Pero pwede na for a starter and I am still proud of my work (patronize your own. haha!). And take note they are a lot lot lot cheaper. I was even able to make a table cover from the excess cloth. Best buy tlga ng raw materials sa Divi. Hehehe.

Thanks to hubby for setting up the curtain rods and mom for lending me her sewing machine.

Can’t wait to have my own sewing machine! Hubby promised that I’d be having my own on my birthday as a present. Yiheeee!


malditang bunso said...

How nice sis! Ang galing! At ganda ng design ha. :P

mari said...

galing galing... if you decide na magtinda na rin ng kurtina, order ako ha :)