Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

It's my dad 60th birthday today! Certified senior citizen ka na. Hehe.

We may not be around celebrating his birthday today but this coming long weekend (May 1-2)we'll have an out of town trip / outing at Coral View Resort at Morong, Bataan. I find it very exciting since it is our first family out of town. Imagine that!

I just do hope that everybody will have a great time. If not sisihin ko sarili ko as the head planner. Hehe.

I'll post pictures and some kwentos after the event!

Happy birthday dad! We love you!

GD Free

Yey! I am GD free. I really worked hard and prayed for this. All the dieting and sugar sacrifices are worth it! Congrats to myself. Hehe.

But this doesn't mean that I should skip diet. I still need to, so as GD will not reoccur. I know and I strongly believe that I can make it. That's the spirit. Hehe.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I got GD

Again, I didn’t pass the 2nd OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) last April 4. This test requires 8 hours fasting + 4 hours during the actual test. It was again drinking that super sweet concentrate medical orange juice (but this time in a bigger dosage) that made me dizzy and almost puke. Then every after hour for 4 times - a prick will be done from my finger for blood sample.

Out of the 4 blood sample, 2 of which are positive. I actually forgot the result values. This means I am positive to (Gestational Diabetes) GD. For the meantime, OB asked me to diet, since no oral medicine can cure GD. I am now only allowed to eat ½ cup of white rice/ 1 cup of brown rice per meal, veggie, fish, chicken w/o the skin and some selected not so sweet fruits.

It’s really hard to diet when pregnant. I sometimes feel sad not being able to eat the food I want or not satisfied with the meal w/ small serving. Anything and all the best for Baby R, I am very willing to sacrifice and discipline myself.

I’ll have another round of test this coming Saturday, my 3rd screening. This is to check if GD is gone or if I need to inject insulin. I really hope not.

After all the dieting and almost no sugar intake. I guess I need to diet more. I can't really believe that I got GD.

Friday, April 3, 2009

House Update #04: Ang Pagbuhos

It's been a while since my last post re our house construction. Why? Wala kasing progress for the past 3 mos. How I wanted na mkipag away sa Camella and contractor because they don't deliver on time. Hubby and my parents prohibited me from doing so dhil daw bka paglaruan ang quality ng house. Dapat daw maging mabait at bolabolahin, kung pwede nga daw suhulan, suhulan. Hehe.

Anyways, finally the construction begun 3rd week of March. So it's very impossible that we can move by May, they're new target is July - which will be the turn over month. How I wish we can move out before I give birth, pero parang it's impossible :(

The foundation and footings or what they call "buhos" commenced last April 1 at around 4PM wherein the scheduled time is 11:30 AM. Na pa whole day leave tuloy kmi ni hubby instead na half day lng sana. We wanted to witness the "buhos" because we believe in the pamahiin na magsabog ng coins during the "buhos" proper, pampaswerte and for abundant life daw. This has been a practice in our family, everytime na may papaconstruct/renovate sa house nmin we do this . . . ok naman ang buhay nmin, hindi naman kmi naghirap or nagutom. Hehe. Pero ung pagsabog salt hindi na kmi naniwala dun para di daw kmi multuhin or aswangin - we will have it blessed naman. Hehe.

It was hubby who did mostly the pagsabog ng coins. He didn't permit me to roam around the small construction, mabato kasi bka daw madapa ako, my role was maging amuyong at photographer lng. Kundi lng ako buntis malamang sinamahan ko pa ung mga construction workers magbuhos. Cowboy here. Hehe.

The sun was really striking hard that day, pero nung actual buhos na umambon then right after umaraw ulit, ang galing! Nakakatuwa. We consider it as a blessing tlga :)

After 3 days . . . this is their accomplishment, not bad. We were actually with our free of charge consultant. Hehe. Archi Jowette (my HS friend)

Though the construction is delayed hubby and I are still happy to see na ang pinaghirapan nmin is turning now into reality.