Friday, May 16, 2008

Starbucks served at Matt & Lala’s Wedding

May 11, 2008
Chapel on the Hill
Sonya’s Garden

This is the second wedding we attended this year. Four more weddings to go this year.

Matt is an officemate from SMITS, while Lala is hubby’s co-worker from Van Melle. Since we were both connected with the couple we decided to attend though church and reception is a bit far.

EL’s wiper is malfunctioning on that day – hubby is having a hard time driving because it was raining. We headed directly at the reception sayang we weren’t able to witness the ceremony.

While waiting for the program to start we had time for relaxation with the beauty of Sonya’s garden. Hindi na kmi nag pa spa, nagkukuripot eh. Hehehe. Below are some of the pictures I took. My bad wasn’t able to take some pics of the couple. I’ll be a good photographer next time, promise. (Babes, please give me a better cam or a DSLR for better quality pics. Hahaha!)

The wedding went well. The set up is simply the best. The food was ok – the salad was perfect. We love the pritchon. The most memorable thing siguro was the Starbucks. Yes you read it right Starbucks was freshly brewed and served after dessert. Astig di ba? This is the first wedding that I attended na nag serve ng Starbucks. I never thought that Starbucks caters wedding functions. Hehehe. Hubby told me that Lala is a certified Starbucks addict. Kaya pla . . .

To Matt & Lala . . . wishing you a blissful married life. Congrats & Best wishes. Thanks for inviting us over.

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