Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's My Birthday & Our Anniversary!

It's my 29th birthday today! Happy Birthday to me and Happy 2nd Year Anniversary to us. Hehe.

We do not have any grand plans today, not only because I am pregnant but because of budget contraints. Hehe. We just shed out 10% additional DP for the house, then we are also preparing for our baby's coming as well as her things plus the house customization, aesthetic and furnitures. Hay ang daming gastos. But it's okay hindi naman sa kung saan lng mapupunta eh. It's for our future and baby's future as well.

Hubby and I started the day hearing the 6am mass at NSDG were we exchanged vows 2 years ago. Afterwards, we had bfast at McDo then off to office. Tonight we'll be having simple dinner somewhere at Shangrila, maybe CPK or Claw Daddy. Bahal na were our taste buds will bring us.

Oh we might also have simple get together with the Dizon's & Rodriguez' at Pampanga, pag uwi nmin sa June 6. As usual, I cook for the family and they always watch out for new dishes. Hehe.

Thanks babi for the nice white gold earrings! Love you so much! Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Working from home

I so love this set up. Morning rush is not in my vocabulary. I do not need to wake up early to prepare our baon, our office attire, myself and transport to office.

As I wake up in the morning, my breakfast is already ready. Then I take a bath (office attire not needed, kahit ano na lng. hehe.) and then work starts via remote access. After a few hours lunch is served followed by siesta then work again then snacks, work again then dinner. Hehe. I do not have to think what I shall eat. Every meal is readily available courtesy of mommy. This is the beauty of staying and working from home.

Aside from the fact that I can save some money for food, transpo and time I can even concentrate well in my work. Though the environment is not very office, aircon turned off, e-fan is enough since my room is well ventilated. I can even feel the natural air from the swaying trees, hear the rain fall on the window pane and hear the humming birds when the sun is shinning. Good thing, I am not magnetized by the bed else hindi na ako nka work. Hehe

Amidst all this benefits, I am missing hubby so much.

So near yet so far

Hubby and I are both in Pampanga for two weeks (May 4-15). He’s at Angeles City conducting training while I am at home, Sta. Ana (my hometown) on a work from home basis.

I have arranged the work from home basis since no one will accompany me at our place and I know for sure that I will be having a hard time in terms of transportation specially now that it is already rainy season though office and our place is merely 15 mins drive.

Home based working is never a practice in our office, good thing they permitted me to do so – since no one will support my users and I am handling 3 major projects that will be put on hold if ever they won’t allow me. So they have no choice but to allow me. Hehe.

Though we are both in Pampanga, roughly around 30 km far apart we don’t see each other and we don’t sleep together, we seldom exchange SMS and we just talk via phone before the night ends. He works up until the wee hours of the morning and needs to wake up early. That’s why he need to stay and rest at the hotel instead of 2 hour drive to and off work.

Oh how I miss hubby. He is so busy. We are so busy kung kelan pa naman preggy ako. Anyway, I understand we are both in the field of IT and of the consulting application. Sometimes wala ginagawa paminsan naman tambak tlga. Hay work life.