Monday, May 12, 2008

May 11: Didn’t make it to Mom’s Day

Yesterday was supposedly my due date of giving birth to our first baby. I almost made it sana sa mother’s day. Sayang. I am just wondering what situation would I be in right now if our baby made it. Hay, I felt this certain sadness while writing this. Maybe it’s true that things happen for a reason. We might not be able to buy a car and purchase a house if baby pushed thru. Well, God only knows.

It’s almost 8 months now since I was admitted to the hospital for a D&C. It was a nightmare for hubby and me. We didn’t expect that I am sensitive in terms of conceiving. Two months after my D&C we tried making baby again, until now . . . we are not yet blessed. We hope soon. We really want to have a baby and we are rest assured that we are ready at parenthood.

Let me reminisce what happened then . . .

Aug 4 - my last menstrual period

Aug week 4 - I was diagnosed with UTI. Had a week medication. Good thing the antibiotics given were safe for pregnant.

Sept 8 - Some spots appeared on my liners, I thought it was my first day. So I cleaned the entire house and did the laundry. Afterwards we headed to the mall to watch horror movie after movie went to the rest room and to my surprise my menstruation stopped. Then hubby and I heard mass standing for an hour with my high heels on (it’s Mama Mary’s Birthday). After hearing mass we had groceries.

Sep 9 - As I woke up in the morning there were again a few drops of blood in my liners instead of heavy flow since it’s my second day. So we decided to take a pregnancy test. After 10 mins of result waiting, it was negative. An hour after I check again the kit and it turned into positive but it was blurd. To my excitement I even jumped several times. Hehe.

Sep 10 - I woke up early with a smile in my face though there were still some spots in my pads. Went early at the office. After office, I had trans-v then visited the doctor and requested me to take pampakapit, vitamins and a 2 weeks bed rest.

Sep 11-16 - I was on bed rest. Good thing hubby can work at home. So while taking care of me he can do his office work. I lived like a princess. Hehehe. During this week I also had a urine test. I was super surprised of the result it went up to 34-36! This is my highest count ever.

Sep 17 - A week after medication we did another round of preg test. The positive line is almost gone. The doctor requested me to have another round of trans-v. Then it was confirmed that I was miscarriage sad to say I have to undergo D&C. I was immediately rushed at emergency. Operation is scheduled that night but my cervix is not yet opened.

Sep 18 - The operation day. I almost hit the nurse because of the too much pain of the vaccine she shut at my butt. It was the pampakalma. I was really at relax mode, d tlga ako kinabahan khit nung nasa operating room na ako. Then I felt another pain when the anesthesia was injected.

Sep 19 - We were back at our love nest.

Sep 20 - Come Saturday we went home to Pampanga – were I had my 2 mos maternity leave. Hubby needs to go back to office.

This is my D&C story.


mari said...

hi rhia, thanks for dropping by.
i can't write comments on your cbox, wala yung form nya. nweis, i'll add you as well to my links :) good day!

Joy-Anne said...

Hello, Rhia! Don't worry, in God's perfect time, He will send you your bundle of joy.