Thursday, July 31, 2008

Raymond & Rhia turns 1!

MAY 27 is one of our most awaited dates of the year because it’s not only our anniversary but it’s also my birthday! Yey!

I am already 28 y/o – I can’t imagine that I am this old already; my friends might no longer call me Yhang (my nickname). Anyway, I still feel young and look young naman eh. Hehehe.

Our first year was damn so good! I guess our relationship and investment progress is more than enough to have in a year. Though there were some tragic moments and numerous fights, I believe these are part of a blissful and perfect married life.

Let me recap how blissful our married life was :)
Jun – honeymoon; love nest furnishing
Jul – our 3rd year of togetherness
Aug – first time to be apart for 2 weeks because of hubby’s China business trip
Sep – we lost our supposedly first baby
Oct – we started gaining weight
Nov – hubby got a high paying job
Dec – our first time to celebrate Christmas together
Jan – our first time to celebrate New Year together
Feb – Valentine’s Day is all I can remember
Mar – fire incident; made our first huge investment – a house
Apr – we moved to a new place; fully paid EL
May – the splurge month (bought: cellfon, digicam, dart board, sewing machine plus the B&B treat)

Picture taking at NSDG facade after hearing mass.

The baked spag for Denise

We woke up early around 5:00 AM and started our day with a mass. We attended the 6:00 AM mass at NSDG (where we got married). After hearing mass we had a power bfast at McDo (Barangka). Then we went home to pack our things and to cook baked spag as a present for Denise (SIL) whose celebrating her 28th year too. Around 10:30 we left our place and headed to Makati (in laws place) to hand our present. Afterwards, we traveled Tagaytay.


Celebration 1: The Boutique Bed & Breakfast experience (May 27-28)
Before checking-in at The Boutique Bed and Breakfast (B & B) we had lunch at Mushroom burger it’s also along Aguinaldo Hi-way. I am an avid fun of mushrooms that’s why I was really very eager to taste the food there. I didn’t enjoy the food :-(

B & B facade


Pamper Me
Upon check-in (2PM) we had iced tea as welcome drinks and it was really refreshing! Then we were escorted at the B&B “Pamper Me” corner where toiletries and room scent selection are lined up. We had a slice of peppermint and tee tree oil soap. Milk & honey for shampoo. Aloe Vera scent for lotion and the best of all was the bedroom scent: lavender – mint fragrance. Smells really good!

Welcome drinks

Soap selection

our toiletries kit

enjoying the giant couch at the lobby

approaching the dare . . .

I dare - After shopping for toiletries we were ushered to our room, which was the “I dare”. As the door opened, the king sized bed with various pillows caught my eyes. Very inviting to lie down. The bed’s headboard was uber amazing! The couch is nice too; it has the same concept as the bed. I also love the patio/veranda where you can almost view Taal Lake.

There’s nothing spectacular with bathroom except for the glass wall were people from the ground floor can peep on you. Hehehe. A cloth is provided to cover half of the glass. The closet were good too, it is has full mirror that serves as the door. There were some items for sale inside the closet like lingerie, boxer shorts, massage tools, etc . . .

The room entertainment was also good. It has an LCD, dvd player, subwoofer and a set of speakers. Wifi access is also in place.

Facial Massage
We had our complimentary ice facial massage at around 6pm. The 10 min massage was so damn good and very relaxing. More! More!

the king sized bed with king sized headboard

posing with the pillows

meditating at the other biggie couch. hehehe

the see through bathroom

hubby enjoying the LCD

view downstairs (from veranda)

another view from the veranda

the hawaiin bbq grill resto

our room

enjoyin' the weaved sets

enjoyin' the weaved sets

Hawaiian BBQ Grill
This is B&B resto partner. You may dine or have your food room serviced. In our case to maximize our stay at the room we all had our food room serviced and had it set up at the veranda. Hehehe.

PM Snacks – We had banana split and fries.

Dinner – The famous baby back ribs and chicken loco. So yummy and the serving was so big.

Midnight Snacks – Churos and hot choco. Which is a part of the package too . .

Breakfast – The big breakfast in bed. Ang dami and it was indeed a real power breakfast.

Box of chocolates is given upon check out as a token from B&B.

We enjoyed our stay at the B&B. The place was really very relaxing and the perfect place for your intimate moments. How I wish we could stay longer kaya lng it’s pricey.

After checking out we had lunch at the Fire Grill at the Cliffhouse. We simply enjoyed the food and the view then bought some pasalubong from Amica’s then back to reality na. Hehehe.

CELEBRATION 2: The triple treat at Pampanga (May 31)
Of course I have to celebrate my birthday, our anniversary and promotion (kaya they called it triple treat) with my family, relatives and friends at Pampanga!

Friendships, where's my name? :P

As a yearly practice (except last year) I cook food for them and as always this is done in our backyard. I make it sure that I serve something new to their taste buds - that excites them to eat. Hehehe. If I remember it right we had Kani salad as appetizer, cheesy beef canalone for pasta, main coarse were grilled gindara with lemon butter sauce, pork & mushroom surprise, buttered garlic babies (potato & corn) and ube cake from La crème as dessert courtesy of friends. Mom’s famous chicharon and pork bbq completed the table.

CELEBRATION 3: Another at Makati (June 1)

We had another round of celebration at my in laws. Not because it was my birthday or our anniversary but it was my sister-in-law Denise’s birthday. Yes, were both born on the same year and date. Hehehe. We shared one main dish as our present to Denise and as our treat na rin to them. Tipid na rin. Hehehe.

I was like a star. Had 3 celebrations. Hahaha.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am back!

Horaaaay! Busy and sick days are over . . . and I am back to the blogging world. I missed doing this stuff. There's a lot of catching up do and some overdue post to be shared.

June and July has been very toxic months. I can't imagine how I surpassed the days of these months . . . grabe, I am so busy doing lots of things all at the same time and now I am in petiks mode again. Yahooo!

The following made me silent in the blogging world for two months . . .

WORK - The OR Automation:
Yey! After a long period of time I was able to implement the project successfully. I am so thankful that the users love it and they are so happy with the program that made their work easier and faster. No more OT for them. Hehe. My boss told me this project is an added feather in my hat. ***wink***wink***
The Business Planning and SAP Summit were some of my additional activities involving work.

EXTRA - Siomai
It’s not that I am not earning enough at the office. It’s not that I need extra income. Wala lng I just feel like doing these rackets and putting extra challenge in my life. Just checking my capabilities. The art, sales and cooking power. Hehehe.

Every time hubby sees a food cart of siomai house he can’t resists but eat 2-3 orders. Takaw noh? So I explored cooking siomai and tada! It taste even better. My friend even told me that my siomai tastes far better than those sold at Nataniel’s Food House (Pamp). Ehem.

One time my sister requested me to cook siomai for her officemates, as her promotion treat. The verdict – they all loved it! So orders started coming in. Instant business. Hehe. After couple of bulk orders, Hubby and I decided not to pursue it yet because it is the kind of business that requires a lot of time and patience.

Another EXTRA - Invitation
My invitation business strikes again! Another happy client. Yey!. I’ll make a separate post for this.

2 more invites lined up . . . for Jun-Jessica and Dexter-Grace. I also have another 2 prospects but still thinking if I’ll close deal with them. Bahala na.

FAMILY Matters
My aunt came home from US. So we need to go home to PAmp every weekend and spend some time with her and at the same time it is our town fiesta.
SICK Days!
I got sick (tonsillitis was the culprit of my 1 week fever) and I was on SL for a week. Viral infection passed by our office. We are only 10 in the team and 5 of us were infected all at the same time. Good thing that hubby was there taking care of me. Thanks hubby!
I don't feel perfectly okay pa rin upto now :( How I miss my healthy days.

These were the things that made me so busy for the past two months and reason behind why I have been so silent. I promise to catch up! Miss you blogmates!