Friday, September 7, 2007

Part 5: Suppliers’ Rating – Stationeries, Tokens, & Honeymoon

Rating: 5+++ sympre DIY ko eh :p
Cost: dko na compute pa :p

Save the Date, Invitations, Misalette, Table Nos & Table Planner, Confetti Cones, Souvenir-TY Tags, Guest Cards, Wish Cards & Wish Card Pens – these are the items na kinareer ko tlga ng husto - pinagpuyatan at pinagtyagaan. Mahirap din pla maging OC at may kaalaman ng konti sa arts (ka-artehan) – mahirap syang panindigan. Guests might wonder kung ako nga ba ang ikinakasal kung hindi ko ginawa ang mga ito, I bet expected na nila sa akin ang mga ito. Hehehe.

Invitations - This is the most difficult among all my DIYs. Buti na lng tinulungan ako ni hubby. Though I am used in making invitations, iba pla when you are making your own. I came across 10 design yta before we eneded up with this.

Misalette - umiral din kaartehan ko dito. Same design with the invite din. Hehe

Table Nos - see. nka terno pa rin with the invite. hehehe. Kakaiba ang table nos namin. It's not a simple Table 1-2-3 lang. They are the remarkable dates, places and things sa aming 2 ni hubby. So as our hosts call the table nos for guests picture taking and getting of food at the buffet may konting trivia muna. After calling all the tables - the hosts eventually finishes our love story :-)

Confetti Cones - Pati ito pinag-ukulan ko ng pansin. Hehehe. Di kase ako nakuntento sa mga 20 sm & 2 big confetti poppers. Again, nkaterno ulit :p

Guest Cards / Kissing Bells / Raffle Cuopon - Another craft na pinagtyagaan ko. Na halos sumuko ako. Hehehe. Sympre kailangan tapusin ang inumpisahan at kailangan panindigan. Hehehe.
Each guest have their own card wherein their name, table assignment and pre-drawn raffle no are indicated (for the bouquet & garter toss) , sinama ko na rin dito ang kissing bells. I made blank cards for those guests we missed.
Marami nabiktima sa kissing bells, everytime they ring it kunwari bunot kmi ng couple who will also share a kiss. Hindi nila alam scripted yun. Hehehe.
Sabi nga ng iba parang souvenir na rin eh. Most of the guests brought home guest cards :-)
Table Planner - Cnt find a picture of this. I made 2 of this. Sympre nka terno din. Placed them on a cocktail table near the two entrance of the reception area to guide guests where their table is located.
Wish Cards & Wish Card Pens - Cnt find the pics of these. Wish cards are distributed at the registration area along with the guest cards. Were guests are requested to write their messages to us kapalit ng souvenir. Hehehe.
Wish Card Pens are placed naman per table, pati ito kinareer ko rin. Both the signpens at Divi, ganda ng sula at 5each lng. I wrapped them with ribbon like in our invite then accented it with fuchsia and yellow feathers. Dko akalaing ma sold-out mga ito pati sa mga matatanda maaliw. May 1 pen lng na natira sa amin. Iniisip pa man din namin ni hubby na after the reception kung anu gagawin nmin sa sandamakmak na pens na un. Hehehe.
All the hardships naman paid off after hearing the nice comments, lalo na when our guests said na our wedding is very nice specially the details. Tyaga ko daw, sobra! Terno-terno ba naman. Hahaha.
Tokens: Incense Cones & Sticks in Tube
Cost: 15/each

Memond and I got them at Divi Mall168. For us they are best buy – di mukhang tig-15. Lalo na when we placed na the tags. Ang cute daw sabi ng mga guests. Kulang na lng hingin nila lahat ng scents – pero some guests did. Good thing we bought a lot, namurahan kmi eh. Hehehe.

Our strategy: Our secondary sponsors distributed them at the exit of the reception (pauwi na), para di agaw eksana while program is on-going. Our emcees just reminded the guests to submit their wish cards (instead of passing a guest book/frame) at the exit then be replaced with a token. Para lng marami ang mag wish sa amin, and it worked! Hehehe.

Honeymoon: Alona Kew - Bohol

Air Fare (Cebu Pacific)
Rating: 5
Cost: 5.5k

San ka pa? We got the 1 peso fair. Swerte! Walng kahirap-hirap mag book. Day 1 of the promo nkapag book na ako on line and we instantly have had our honeymoon destination :-)

Travel Agency (Queenspoint Travel & Tours)
Park Square 1
Rating: 5
Cost: 17k (4D/3N Accomodation at Alona Kew and Exclusive Day Tour)

Wala kming alam na travel agency ni hubby, we dnt actually travel under a travel agency. So what we did, the day after our wedding malling sa makati hanggang sa nakita nga namin ang Queenspoint. Okay naman ang tour packages nila, cheaper compared sa mga online travel and tours and sa iba png agency. In less than an hour nakkuha na sila ng confirmation sa Alona Kew. Good thing we got the front beach slot :-)

Nasurprise pa nga kmi ni hubby during our day tour. Exclusive pla kmi, we have our own tourist guide and exclusive din kmi sa isang resto boat sa Lobboc river lunch. Tinginan nga mga kasabayan nmin sa amin eh. Hehehe.

Alona Kew
Rating: 4

The resort doesn’t look that good, pero okay na sya for honeymooners. Not that bad. The staffs are friendly and punctual as well. The food? May kamahalan though hindi naman ganun kasarap.

So that ends our long and overdue suppliers rating. Sensya na. Sana nakatulong. If you have questions, PM me lang po.

rhia ni memond
nsdg.pse auditorium - WEDSITE - AS WE FACE FOREVER

Part 4: Suppliers’ Rating – Hosts, Coordinators, Strings, S.System & AVP Equipments

Hosts - Jorrel Yap & Rae Dimaano
Rating : 5+++
Cost : Priceless


These 2 guys made the party a success, no dead air – super okay ang tandem nila. Memond & I met them only once – over lunch. W provided them the program flow, how I want it to happen, the script and some instructions. They were able to deliver it nicely, parang hindi scripted. Some of our guests even thought that they were professional emcees, magagaling daw.

Jorrel is a HS friend of mine from Pampanga, while Rae is a college friend of Memond. It so happened that they know each other because officemates sila before sa isang call center and they belong in one account. Galing nga eh, parang pinagtagpo at pinagkakilala sila - small world tlga.

Jorrel actually knows how I want the program to be, dahil co-emcee nya ako dati sa weding ng friend nmin. Hehehe. So it was a bit easy for him na rin. :-)

Rating: 5++++

Cost: Priceless

Church – Officemates: Jhoanna Rivera, Kat Obcena & Aziel Aquino

Reception – My High School Friends: Jowette, Noel, Sha, Gladys, Ericson, Rush, Gang, Dexter & Grace

Saying thanks to these guys is not enough. Another tasks assigned to friends that is professionally done. Again, akala ng mga ibang bisita professional coordinators sila, even our suppliers napabilib nila. The party daw was very organized and kung magtrabaho sila hindi kapansin-pansin as if they were not there. I was actually their head planner. I gave each one of them a role na babagay sa knilang personality and maybe profession na rin along with checklist at mga notes. See our wedsite download page.

I was even touched with them. They even checked-in a hotel the night before the wedding to discuss their roles and checklists I gave them para di daw sila nagmamadali at mataranta the wedding day, manggagaling pa kasi dapat sila ng pampanga, may umuwi pa nga from Singapore just for our wedding :-)

Dami ko coordinators noh? Di pa kasma ung mga ibang nag-assists dyan. Hehehe. I feel so much blessed with friends tlga.
Strings: Impressions Music Ensemble
Rating: 4.5
Cost: 12k (quartet)

Bong & Johanna Lonzon are nice to deal with. Madali silang kausap and they played naman nicely what is on our song list. Ang nakakatuwa pa about them is that dahil hindi kya ng quartet to play our chosen grand entrance song (Father of the Bride – which was their suggestion at ang ganda tlga nya for a grand entrance) sa reception they did the burning in cd at binilin ko na lng sa kanila na sila na bahala coordinate with the sound system supplier and they did. Bait!

The rating would have been 5 sana, kaya lang during the group picture at the church altar sobrang lakas ng tugtog nila, hindi marinig yung sequence ng pictorial announced by the commententator. Kaya konti lng tuloy ang altar group pics and church fa├žade picture taking at wla na masyado guests nung mag dove release na kmi, hindi narinig clearly kasi yung announcement. Hay.

Sound System: 60 Hertz
Rating: 5
Cost: 4k + 500 for bubble machine (reception only)

Since our strings reco them, sila na ang kinuha nmin dahil they will most likely work with each other. Super dali kausap ni Duane Dagsil, thru texting lng ang booking and fax ng contract. Then sa event day na ang bayaran.

The sound system was nice, d sabog or what. Maganda naman ang kinalabasan
LCD Projector & Screen: ITech Systems
Rating: 5
Cost: 3k (discounted dahil my ni-refer ako :p)

We got the Panasonic 4000 ANSI Lumens projector and 8X8 screen. The lowest rate ever na nkita ko ditto sa
w@w at it didn’t failed us. Super linaw and we never experienced any technical probs, lhat ng laptops that connected are compatible.
One of the suppliers na madali lng nmin na book. I met Rence Pagdaayao in our office at lunch break then he did the demo, afterwards book na kaagad. May contract pa khit 1k lng ang DP.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Part 3: Suppliers’ Rating – Attire, Accessories, HMUA & Flowers

Groom Suit & Bridal Gown: YSABELLE

Rating: 3.5
Cost: Suit – 5.5k (long sleeves included)
Gown – 13k (accessories included)

Lawrence, Rhoda and staff are nice to talk to and very accommodating sila. In terms of fitting sched we never had a prob, if hindi nila mameet you agreed sched, a day or hours before they advise naman. Good thing at very accessible shop nila (EDSA branch)

Suit – Super bagay ni h2b ang kanyang suit along with the fuchsia pink long sleeves and yellow tie. Ang dami nagsabi na pumayat sya sa kanyang suit. He looks so macho on our wedding day. Hehehe. :-) Ok na sana kaya lang too long ung sleeves ng long sleeves nya. Kaya mega silip ung sleeves sa coat. Feeling bride din kasi tong si Memond eh, during his fitting ayaw nya pakita sa akin kya ayun . . . hindi na alter. One more thing hindi gnun natuwa si hubby sa fabric, hindi daw kasi masyado maganda ung bagsak ng pants nya.

Gown – I was not really happy with my gown. What was sketch was not actually followed. One thing na kinalulungkot na during the fitting lng nila na-realize na hindi daw pla possible na ma-follow what was sketched. Hmp!

The following were the things that made me not so satisfied:
- The bolero is actually nice pero it should have been shorter dapat na may konting skin na nka silip at my back. D na daw kaya iksiaan pa bolero kasi tatamaan ung sa armpit. At dahil empire cut daw kaya hindi naman daw mabaan ang likod.
- I didn’t like the beadwork of the gown – d kasi terno with the bolero. Again, hindi kamukha ng nasa sketch. I requested them to fully bead ung parang envelop style sa likod – hindi ako pinagbigyan.
- I had several fittings with them (less than 10 fittings cguro), d tlga makuha ung shape ng likod ko. Parang may bukol tuloy ako sa likod. Everytime I fit they take notes f what should be altered, come next fitting halos wla nagbabago – ganun pa rin.
- Sumisilip ung zipper sa likod. Kala nga ni Nelwin Uy nkabukas ung zipper ko eh.
- Super short ng veil ko! And I hate it! 2 yards lng yata un. 5 yards usapan nmin. Hindi tuloy kmi nakapag pictorial nag magandang flying veil. Pangarap ko pa man din un.
- There were still pencil markings after they made the dry cleaning. Buti hindi masyado halata.

We simply got what we paid for. Hindi naman kami lugi. I expected so much lng cguro on them kaya ganun.
Dads’ Barong: Labor - Exclusively His & Fabric - Gle-An’s (Divi)

Rating : 5
Cost : Labor – 1,200
Fabric – 2,000 (pina silk)

This is a no sweat task for us. One of the things na madali lng naming inayos. We both the fabric at Divi, then patahi na lng sa exclusively his - my dad’s in Pampanga, while FIL’s in Makati. A week after nila pasukat nakuha na ung barong and both are perfect fit :-)

Mom, PS, SS, Lola, FG Gowns & Bearers Barong: Raquel Bridal Collections

Rating : 3
Cost : Mom’s – 2k; PS – 1.8k; SS – 1.2k; Lola – 1.2k; FG – 900; Bearers’ Barong – 200 & 300

Since ang mga abay nmin ang sasagot sa knilang mga gowns we really looked for a low cost gown maker. Wherelse kundi sa Divi. We where actually given a budget package price to think na two-toned shantung and dopedyed cloth ang ginamit. I didn’t want silk or other types of shantung dahil super simple n lng designs ng gowns nmin kya binawi na lng nmin sa fabric.

MOG/B Gown

PS Gown

PS Gown

Matron of Honor Gown

BM Gown

SS Gown

Lola Gown

FG Gown

Bearer Barong
Raquel is a supplier sa mga shops sa divi. She doesn’t do designs – bring your own design o
kaya naman pili ka sa catalogue niya. Wla rin syang sariling shop kaya pahirapan sa fitting. Kung pa service ka naman, my 1k-service fee. Dhail mejo tipid kami what we did – we get the gowns at Divi or SM North then distribute to ento (Makati & Pampanga based) then return kay Raquel those that are in need for alteration. I dtake note of what to be altered kala ko nung una mali ako, hindi pla. Nung umabot na kmi ng 2 balik, I told her na sya mismo na magpafit at tumingin – pagbalik mali pa rin. Hay. Umabot kmi cguro ng 3 balik ng gowns sa knya. Ung pang 4th and last to be altered d na ako binalikan ako na daw bhala dhil hinde na kaya ng sched nya; so pina-alter ko na lng sa labas. Hahay!

The fitting wasn’t that good. Buti na lng at maganda ang fabric kundi ang pangit ng kalalabasan.
Groom Accessories - Shoes, Socks & Tie: Tie Line (Glorietta)

Rating: 5
Cost: Shoes (Merger) – 4K; Socks – 300+; Tie - 500

We never thought that tie line sells shoes. Kala nmin dati puro ties lng. We intended to buy tie lng sana ditto to our surprise meron din pla silang shoes. Sa dami namin inikot na mall and shoe stalls dito pla kmi makakabili ng shoes ni hubby :-)
Bride’s Accessories – Shoes (Charles & Keith) & Earrings (Something borrowed)

Rating: 5
Cost: 1.8k (sale price - 20% off)
My shoes were very comfortable. Almost like a tsinelas feeling. :P
I borrowed my earrings from my lola. Not too big and not to small tama lng sa small ears ko. Matanda pa yta sa akin mga earrings na sinuot ko. Kala ko after the wedding bibigay na ni lola sa akin, hindi pla. Hehehe. May sentimental value daw kasi sa knya un. We got them cleaned (for free) sinabay kasi namin sa pagbili ng wedding rings.
Wedding Rites Accessories

Unity Coins (inner Gold)
Wedding Library (Megamall)
Cost: 2,300
Wedding Bands
Supplier: Benhur (Ongpin)

Rating: 5
Cost: 12.5k

This is where hubby bought my engagement ring kya nung bumalik sya sa jeweler laking discount nakuha nmin. We only wanted simple white gold wedding rings. Good thing they have what we wanted. We only waited for an hour for hubby’s ring re-size (bigger - for free) and sinabay na rin pa-clean ng earrings ni lola for my something borrowed nung wedding, we got this for free rin.

Rosary Cord, Unity Candle, Offertory Candles, Match Boxes & Pillows - DIY
Rating: Kailangan pa b? Hehe =p
Est Cost: Rosary & Rosary Cord–400; Unity Candle–300; Offertory Candles–200; Match Boxes–20; Pillows–50

Rosary & Rosary Cord – Sympre dahil mahilig ako mag DIY at nauso dito sa w@w ang rosary cord nag may I make nga rin ako. Hehehe. I bought the materials at Divi along tabora sa morning glory and wellmanson.

Match Boxes, Offertory & Unity Candle – Another DIY po. Dhil we can’t afford to buy/pa-personalize a ako na rin lang ang gumawa since feel na feel ko naman mag DIY, pati candle kinareer ko na rin. Hehehe. Got the mterials from SM Dept Store (megamall) some are scrap materials from invitation. I really enjoyed making this one kasi bango-bango ng candle eh at nakkatuwa tlga sya gawin I find it easy kya lng dapat matiyaga ka lng tlga. Nabilib nga si hubby sa gnawa ko eh, terno-terno ba naman. Ahihihi.

Pillows – DIY pa rin. Halos no cost ako dito. Tussle lng ang bili ko, the rest are from scrap materials. Retazo from secondary sponsor’s gown (na hinigi ko pa sa aming mananahi). I was so happy with the output kasi khit mga pulot lng mga gamit it turned out well pa rin at sympre nka sunod pa rin sa motif. Hehehe.
HMUA - T3 Salon
Rating : 4
Cost : 5,100 (bride +1) includes retouch & hair re-do up to reception
1K additional per head

They got the lowest rate, tapos my special discount pa kmi coz Thea (Make-Up Artist & Owner) is my ex-officemate’s wife, while Rolly her partner did my hair. Okay naman pagkakagawa sa akin, very natural naman ang look ko. My hair updo wasn’t that good. Hindi sya ganun kapulido at ang daling malaglag. Maybe they are considering the hairstyle change for the reception. Pero dpat sana ginawa pa rin nila ng maayos. Some of the entourage loved their HMU while others are not satisfied.

Kaiinis lng is that nagmamadali sila kmi tapusin kasi they have another wedding pa pla. Pero usapan nmin whole day sila sa amin, and ang matitira sa akin for re-touch is Rolly, inawan ba naman sa akin ung assistant lng nila na hindi naman well-trained, at kung kailangan ng retouch hahagilapin pa-kung saan saan nagpuputa. Hay.

Ang mali ko in this aspect hindi na ako nag trial pa with other HMUA para sana my point of comparison, kase ok naman when I had my trial with them.

Flowers - Mang Boy Mahusay
Rating : 4.5
Cost : 10k

The 10k package includes yellow tulips bridal bouquet, yellow tulip boutonniere for groom, 2 mom’s bouquet, 5 female principal sponsors bouquet, 4 bouquets for MOH and BMs, 3 pomander for SS and 6 gold sprayed aluminum pails loaded with flowers for FGs + headdress.
Free: 2 offertory flowers, throw away bouquet, loose petals and delivery

I would have given Mang Boy sana a perfect 5 kaya lng ung tulips sa bouquet ko my mga balikong stems, na halata sa pictures, then he promised me na dadagdagan nya ung bingay kong 7 swarovski, gagawin nyang 15 but he didn’t. I love the flower girls basket, so nice :-)

Those who are planning to have a tulips as their bouquet tip lng – better to scotch tape the flowers paikot after removing the styro net para di bumukaka ng husto at malanta.