Friday, May 16, 2008

The Invitation Maker in ME

I am known here in the office as wedding invitation maker. I already made 8 wedding invitations all in all turning 10 by the end of the year. Most of the invites I made served as a gift. Some couple provided the materials (labor of love for free), some naman are totally free (sa mga super close) and some naman serves as additional income. Hehehe. It’s just another hobby that I love.

I made invitations for the ff couples:
1. Lloyd – Noli
2. Noel – Sharlyn
3. Sherwin – Prime
4. Nicki – Christine
5. Paul – Sheryl
6. Edward – Jhona
7. John – Dette
8. Raymond - Rhia (Our Very Own Wedding Invitation - the hardest invite I ever made)
9. Jun – Jessica (for Sep 20, 2008)
10. Dexter – Grace (for Dec 29, 2008)

Click here for final invitation pictures and here for mock ups.

Last Tuesday I was approached by my officemate Irene to make an invitation for Chanella’s christening and it is super rush daw. Swerte nya the network is down for 2 days – had enough time to conceptualize and layout dahil hindi kmi maka work without the network connection. I just finished the 30 pcs invites last night. Though rush, I guess I did a great job. Everyone admires the simple yet elegant invite I made.

Photos taken by John Garica
Does this mean . . . I can also make invites na rin for christening? Hmmmm . . next time birthdays naman. Hehe. I have to study pa photoshop or other graphics software. For now, word lng ang ginagamit ko – believe it or not.

I always think and a lot of people encourage me to make this as a business. Ewan ko ba bkit I don’t push through with it, to think I am a business minded person. Ang dami ko ng ninegosyo at lhat naman ay patok. I sew slacks for officemates; I sold one of my specialties - homemade stuffed cheese embotido and I sold RTW clothes. The products I sell are patronized naman – magaling ako in terms of sales talking eh. Hehe. Minsan pinipilit pa ako to sell more kaso ako ang sumusuko. I just don’t feel like expanding with this kind of business cguro. But I have this gut feel na swerte ako sa business. Hehe. As of now, I will stay muna as an employee. Wala pa sa isip ko ang mag negosyo as my bread and butter pero it’s definitely a part of our long term plan.


storybookmommy said...

I really love the invitations. They're very pretty.

malditang bunso said...

Word lang yan?? Ang ganda ganda naman. Bilib ako sayo...

mari said...

another set of clap clap clap...
kulang ata yung word na galing :p
napaka creative mo sis... now i know kung kanino magpapatulong sa invitations :)

peachy said...

super gaganda ng mga invites mo! truly deserving of the "best in arts" award during your school days... :)

you inspired me to make invitations na nga eh... thanks for the tips sis!

Anonymous said...

hi...ive been searching for good invites and i seen this one and am in love..are they for sale? contact me on thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi sis, its me again, kita, hindi ka na ngrereply,saaad...sobrang love ko kasi ng ivites mo at sobrang fan mo ako talaga.:) pls contact me.