Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Negative (-)

It’s the 34th day after my last menstrual period (counting one from first day). So, hubby and I decided to take preg test since I am days delayed. Can’t actually say how many days delayed since my cycle count plays at 28 days to 31 days.

Sad to say, the result was negative – again. :-(

Still, our fingers are crossed hoping that the test was false negative.

A positive result would be the greatest birthday gift ever, khit wala ng sewing machine ok lng.


mari said...

don't worry sis, your baby will come din naman... in his time :)

cheer up! there is always a next time. at least you can buy your sewing machine na before the baby comes.

Jacque said...

sis, God holds the blueprint of our lives and I know that you'll soon be blessed with your angel. :)

cheer up na. :)

pero fyi lang, i had a false negative too. ;) nag-100 steps pako nun sa bohol, buntis na pala ako. hehehe.