Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jun - Jessica Wedding Invite (09.20.08)

Another simple invite for simple couple. Simplicity is all what the bride wants. No intricate designs or what so ever . . .

This is how Jessica wanted their wedding invite. Here it goes . . .

the complete set

the envelope were initials are printed in the flip flop and using computer calligraphy for guest names

front view: the invite itself with peep on of the couples' surnames and wedding date

main invite

wedding details

The labor of love serves as my wedding present to the couple. Oh btw, they are my office mates.
This is a very much awaited event here at the office since they have been dating for almost 6 years, they both have good positions and they are in their early 30s and 40s. What are they waiting for??? :P
"Sa wakas" they decided to tie the knot after a long period of time.
Next wedding invite to do is Dex and Grace's. They are both my classmates and friends since gradeschool so this is absolutely a free-of-charge! I will be sponsoring their invites. Again, as a present. I feel so excited to do theirs since the design and layouting is my call. Of course with their approval pa rin. I am done with the layouting and I made it in modern style. Hehe. I'll be posting the output as soon as I finished the mock up.
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