Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aris - Janeth Wedding Invitation (08.16.08)

Here's another set of wedding invitation I made for John's (my office mate) BIL & SIL. Their wedding commenced last August 16, 2008.

- the envelope flip flop is accented with the couple's surname and wedding date
- invitation cards wrapped around with metallic transluscent kiwi green embelished with belt bearing the couples name
- the invition cards that comprises of the (1) main invite, (2) bridal party, (3) location map, wedding registry and rsvp

- the complete set

The metallic translucent kiwi green warp around and the invitation cards printed in metallic peridot made the simple invitation very elegant. Just how the couple wanted it.

I didn't actually interact or talked with the couple. Their requirements was relayed to me through John. Good thing that everything turned out perfectly - no names or words were misspelled. As per John the couple are satisfied and happy. Yihee!

Congrats and Best Wishes to Aris & Janeth.

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