Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What to do?

Hubby is living again tomorrow for a business trip and will be back on Friday night. It was just a few hours ago that their office decided that he shall leave tomorrow off to Naga (Mar 25-26), from airport straight to Sn Fernando, then to Olongapo (Mar 26-27).

We are not really prepared for this situation. Our dilemma is who will look over me at night? We do not have a helper, relatives or a friends that would be able to accompany me. Is it safe for me to stay alone at night? I snore and dreams (I sometimes get mad or screams) at night/morning since I got pregnant . . . .

We can not go home to Pampanga tonight (and do my work from home thingy until Friday) since hubby needs to be at the airport tomorrow at 5:30 AM.

Last week (Mar 17-20) hubby was on a business trip also but we didn't have a hard time thinking were shall I stay since his trip was all the way to north only, Pangasinan, Iligan to name a few. So he dropped me off at home (Pampanga) and stayed with my parents, then he goes to north.

As of now, we do not have plans yet. What shall we do?

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