Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 Prenatal Check Ups for March, 1 more to go . . .

My prenatal check up has been weekly (every Saturdays of March), Tita Bingle is closely monitoring my UTI, OMG! . . . . it's back and it's numerous plus a positive sugar. Whuuuuaaaahhh!
Prenatal Check Up #4 (Mar 14)
- Urinalysis round 4: UTI is back and it's 10-20 pus cells
- Believe it or not, I didn't gain any weight in a month though my tummy is a lot bigger than last month. I did a lil diet - though it's a bit hard for me, I still tried and it was a success. I had no whites (white rice & white bread) and I go for no sugar added juices, I didn't eat too much sweets, I sometimes only eat oatmel or multigrain cereals at night and it works.
- Aside from 8-10 glasses of water intake in a day, Amoxil and Isoxilan (both 3x a day) were prescribed for UTI; continued food supplement for daily vitamins dose.
Prenatal Check Up #5 (Mar 21)
-Urinalysis round 5: UTI is still present and its 5-20 pus cells, no improvement at all. Add into that postive sugar result. Hay. I hope this won't end to gestational diabetes.
- The 1 week window difference has been hard for me to diet or maintain my food intake since I stayed with my parents because hubby was on a business trip and no one will look over me. Mom loves to cook and dad loves to eat - so when I am at home we eat 3 full meals and 2 heavy snakcs. I guess the fresh pick yummy sweet mangoes, buko pandan and mango tapioca made the positive sugar result. Hay.
- Though we found out that I have UTI, this vist was really very touchy . . . for the first time we heard baby's heart bit using doppler (dati kasi we saw it via ultrasound). Though the bit sounds like a running horse I still find it cute, maiyak iyak nga ako eh hearing baby's heart bit. Hehe. We are glad to know that he is doing well - his/her heart rate range is 151 - 155 which is within the normal rate :)
- Again, aside from the 8-10 glasses of water a day, I continued my antibiotics - pero this time Cefalexin naman along with the Isoxilan (3x a day); Tita Bingle also prescribed the following medicines - Hemarate: Iron + Folic Acid in one - after breakfast, Omega 3 - after lunch and Calcium after dinner.
I do hope and pray this coming March 28 (Check Up #6), no more UTI and a negative sugar result.

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