Friday, March 27, 2009

Hungry for sugar

I do not have a sweet tooth, but I hunger for sugar these past few days. When I learned that I have a positive sugar result through my urine exam – I am staying away from it.

My sugar source would only come from low fat milk, wheat bread, brown rice, some veggies and not that sweet fruits. So far I can still say no when they offer me ice cream and donuts here at the office and I am congratulating myself. Job well done. Hehe. Anything for baby and for healthy pregnancy! I hope I can manage to say no until I give birth dahil takot ako magka gestational diabetes at ma CS.

I miss sweets already. Calling some of my favorites - FIC raspberry rapture or strawberry (this makes my headache disappear), my homemade buko pandan and mango tapioca. Hmmm . . . yummy!

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carlamaldita said...

yummy naman ng picture! sugar craving tuloy ako kahit gabi na!
have a tag for you sis