Monday, March 30, 2009

Gestational Diabetes???

I had another round of pre-natal check up last Saturday, March 28, 2009. It’s my 3rd check up for the month. Good to know that I am UTI free, yey! On the other side, we learned that I might have gestational diabetes.
I took the oral glucose tollerance test (drinking a 240 ml medical orange juice that is so sweet, eiiiwww!), after an hour the medical technologist took a blood sample from my finger then did the sugar test into the strip on a digital device. To our dismay the result is 195 mg/dl that is 50 mg/dl higher than the normal values (80-145 mg/dl). I didn’t pass the first screening. Aside from that, I again gained 4.4 lbs in just two weeks. Whuuaaat! I can’t really believe this is happening - after all the dieting and almost no sugar intake. Hay.
Next Saturday (April 4), we’ll be visiting OB again for further blood test to check my sugar level.


mari said...

naku sis, I hope you won't have GD. ako nagkaron and parusa yung pagcheck ng sugar level from time to time, lalo na ung injection ng insulin morning at night before kumain.
if ever mag-inject ka, pwede ko bigay sayo ung extra ko insulin. konti lang kasi nabawas dun... pero sana wag ka na mag injection at makuha na lang sa diet.
ingat ingat!!!

Raymond - Rhia said...

thanks. sana nga makuha sa diet. hirap pa naman mag diet kpag buntis. parang feeling ko sobrang nadedeprive ako.