Friday, December 5, 2008

House Update #03: Really?

It was August when I last posted re our soon to be house. It's true that our house will soon be turned over to us by April 2009. We tought it was just a wrong info. Just in time to celebrate our 2nd year anniversary, my birthday and sabay na rin ang house blessing. Sana no problems will be encountered during the construction. I hope this will all materialize in the given timeline. Hubby and I are uber excited about this, keep on imagining on how we will do the interiors, etc . . .

Last Nov 29, we went to Camella Homes (Alabang) to sign the floor plan layout. While waiting for our turn I took a picture of our house model miniature.

Ground Floor

Second Floor

House Exterior

We don't actually want to sign the floor plan yet because we want to do some revisions in the layout. As per Tina of Camella, signing the plan only means a go signal to start the construction and we will be notified on anything that has to be executed. Construction starts next week. Yihee.! Anyway we can email our prefered layout, no need to go back to Alabang . . . but still subject for approval of the engineer and contractor. Normally customized plans are approved as long as no changes made at the exterior. To our excitement, we signed the floor plan because the more we delay the signing the more na madedelay ang construction. Hehe.

After signing we headed to site (Taguig) and it was a wow! the area has been developed. From a trashy site we saw last March, it's now fenced and the right of way are in place. We can now even pinpoint or lot. The 3 model houses are also being constructed. No wonder why Camella was able to have a price increase of .8m because if the fast development. In addition to that the subdivision has it's name, when we had our reservation kasi wla pa. It's name is GRENVILLE RESIDENCES. You read it right, Grenville not Greenville. Hehe.

out lot

We even got inside the model house that is being constructed. That made us really decide to have our's revised. There are a lot of things I didn't like though these are specified in the contract. I want another style of staircase, I want a bigger kitchen with granite countertop, granite flooring etc . . . hubby wanted a servants quarter and a T&B at the 2/f.

standard stairs - not my type :p

deafult/standard sink - too small for a cooking fanatic :p

The following day we had dinner with my HS barkada, this is actually scheduled because I'll be giving Dex-Grace wedding invites and at the same time distribute them to us. It was also an advance bday celeb for Grace, Noel and Jorrel. So this is a perfect timing to consult our friend, Architect Jowette (whom I also assigned as the head coordinator during our wedding, hehe) on how we can revise the plan. She just asked us on what are things we want and we don't want. She even brought some magazines for us.

Come Monday (Dec 1) the revised plan is already in my Inbox. The plan was cute, I can't imagine that she was able to draw the things we wanted in a 70 sq meter lot area and 52 sq meter floor area, which was very small space. The plan was almost perfect. She'll just make a little adjustments because of my additional requirements. Ahihi. Ang nakakahiya lng, she's giving her services for free and very much willing to help us throughout the construction and interiors as well. I am really thankful that I have friends like Jowette, like my friendships. :-)

the original floor plan

by architect jowette gorospe

We are really looking forward on our house construction following Jowette's plan. A few days from now our hard earned money will be tangible :-)

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ReyMatt said...

Hi. Just saw your blog about Grenville. Looks like we'll be neighbors later this year. Our lot is near the model units. I just hope the connection between the Taguig Diversion Road and Commando Link Road gets done soon.