Friday, December 5, 2008

Busy November

It's been over a month now since my last post. November has been a very busy month from me. So no more energy left for blogging, i miss doing this.
I have been busy . . .
- preparing for hubby's birthday bash for the first 2 days of Nov. I made sure that outing place is ok (booking), budgeting, marketing and food to be served is something new to the family's palate.
- at work with the new project I am looking at and hopefully be implemented early next year. All concerned are looking forward on this to fast track the processing of their transactions. I hope it will be another success project :)
- rushing my Dec wedding invitations, really had numerous sleepless nights. Finally, I am done with the 4 invitation orders. I made a total of 330 invites (from Sept-Nov). That was really a lot! Good thing I delivered on time. I only dedicate 2-3 hours per day on this. Thanks to hubby, Ronin and Tam (my 2 makukulit na pamangkins) for the help. Until next invitation order. Hehe.
- designing our team jacket and coordinating with the supplier, hopefully by the 3rd week of Dec we'll already have them. Just in time for our Xmas party and awarding ceremonies. Post my first jacket design ever once delivered. Thanks to Johanna (former officemate) for the supplier referal.
- with sports. I am trying to be active in sports again as an exercise and to flush away these excess fats wrapped around me. It has been years since I stopped jogging, badminton, table tennis, aero and gym. No wonder why I gained a lot of pounds. A lot tlga! Agrrrhh!
- with our mini sportsfest here at the office (team and love ones). This was all-of-a-sudden organized because of encouraging everyone in the team to play badminton. Hehe. Everybody were uber excited! Everyone participates and include to that the never ending asaran to the max. We even bought uniforms and may practice practice pa, career tlga. Haha! Wala naman price at stake. Kala mo 1 million ang pinag-aawayan nmin. Haha! This also served as bonding moment of the team with our special love ones too. So far bowling & billiards pa lng nalalaro nmin, later we'll have table tennis. I'll post pictures soon.
- with 2 home trips to Pampanga. We had fun at home and at the same time relax and bond with the family, relatives and meet friends.
- with our soon to be home. We gave Camella homes a visit for the floor plan signing and we also had a site visit. I'll be posting a seperate entry for this :) so much stories and excitement to share. Hehe.
Aside from the activities I have shared, include to that my household chores. The never ending grocery, pay bills, cleaning, cooking, washing the clothes and ironing. I can't imagine how I was able to accomplish/do all these things. Certified lagarista! Hehehe. Whew!

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