Friday, October 10, 2008

uRinvited: December Blast

December is fast approaching as we all know it's not only all about Christmas, reunions it also the peak season for weddings.

I never thought that I'll be ending up making four confirmed wedding invitations this December. Not bad at all since I am not yet really promoting uRinvited, it is still in the process of conceptualization, how I will go about it, etc. etc. This made me quite busy and silent in blogging. Hehehe.

Below are my booked weddings, production status, snap shots and some stories to share.

Dec 10: Kenneth - Anne Jerine

I blogged about this sometime Sept and yes . . . I was able to close a deal without even meeting the couple. Transaction was made via SMS, email exchange, LBC and thru my sister.

Since Jerine (bride) is my sister's colleague, I asked her to have the 80 pcs invites delivered last Wednesday. 1 wedding done. :-)

Dec 11: Juan Carlo - Brenda

Brenda was inspired with the wedding invitation I made for Janeth so she wanted me to make hers too. She wanted the same style as Janeth's - Classic wrap with an accent. Brenda is a sister of Belle who was a guest at Aris - Janeth's wedding were Aris is a BIL of my officemate. Dami links noh? Hehe. Like Kenneth and Jerine, I guess I'll not have the chance to meet the couple.

I just finished and got invite mock up approved. The 70 pcs order will make my weekend busy.

Dec 19: Jon - Meann

Jon is Carol's (officemate) brother, she was asked to be sponsor their invitations. For christening and wedding invitation needs here at the office they ask for my services. Hehe. So instant client :-) I guess I won't be able to meet this couple too.

I am done with the mock up, just waiting for the other details. They wanted to have same design as Kenneth and Jerine's using green-red-pearl motif instead.

Dec 27: Dexter - Grace

This couple are my friends since preparatory, elementary to high school days. Grace is one of my "friendships" and Dexter is my art buddy together with Sonic. They are one of my longest standing friends. Though we parted schools in college, we still continue communicating and seeing each other. We know each other from head to toe. Hehehe. We never thought that the two would end up together. I am really happy for them and exicted on their forthcoming wedding.

As a wedding gift to them, I'll be rendering my service and materials for free. They even voluntered to help me make the invites. The two are also good in art crafts, they will be a good help for sure and will fast track the production.

To all my Dec wedding couples . . . thank you for entrusting uRinvited your invitations. Congratulations and Best Whishes!

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