Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kenneth - Anne Jerine Invite Mock Up

This is a request from ate Noli because of a getting married colleague this coming December. Below are the sample invite snapshots I custom made for Kenneth and Anne Jerine base on their requirements: choco brown-champagne (for the meantime replaced with cream) and cheque style. Hope they'll love it and end up closing a deal with them :)

Sample 1 - Front
Main Board comes with:
- Belt accented with
- 2 layered Monogram

Sample 1 - Inside
- Main Invite
- 3 inserts
- V pocket

Sample 1 - Freebies:

- Classic envelope marked with couple's initial/surnames/names and or date
- Guest name in computer calligaphy

Sample 2 - Slide Holder
Serves as invite holder and envelope accented with:
- Belt with
- 2 layered Monogram
- Guest name computer calligarphy (back)

Invite can be slide in/out on both sides (right or left)

Sample 2 - Front
Main board comes with:

- Peep on couples surname and wedding date

Sample 2 - Inside

  • - Main invite
  • - 3 inserts
  • - Straight pocket

Shades of brown selection:
Lithos brown - 230 gsm or Chocolate Brown - 285 gsm

(gsm = paper thickness)

* Sample invite made with chocolate brown


Con & Ednel said...

hi sis! gosh! the invites are soooo classy! ang ganda! lahat ng designs and lay-outs. ang galing mo grabe :)

Raymond - Rhia said...

hehe. kataba naman ng puso ang comment mo. salamat sis :)

spymama said...

love the designs you have here. i guess they are very economical in printing? 1c x 1c printing? I can see you have done the txt in dark or black. but the overall really looks exclusive with the choice of paper, thickness and texture you have chosen.

Anonymous said...

hello! i would just like to inquire, where do you get the papers you use for the invites? esp the sort of metallic paper/board? thanks!