Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sick and sick again . . .

Breaking the silence . . .
I was not in blogging mood these past few days due to the pains I have been encountering lately. I had fever, cough & colds last long weekend (Aug 23-25) for the second time (the first one was last July 21-25). Ugh! I was lying for 3 days, I really hated it and I missed lots of fun and activities.
  • Wasn't able to cook siomai and join for my sisters and pamakins on our swimming getaway
  • We were not able to go home to Pampanga
  • Failed to meet our friendships, especially Gang who came home from Singapore and Wet who's celebrating her bday
  • Wasn't able to cook, sew and make invitations which are a part of my weekends
After the 3 days fever, this was followed by headache and dizziness. This lasted again for 3 days. I felt these when the clock strikes at 6pm onwards . . . I go straight to bed as I reach home.
Yesterday, I was on SL due to my trembling knees. Hay . . . what's wrong with me?
I guess feeling all these pains serves as a reminder that I should give myself time to relax and have a break. I am always on the go kasi - no idle time, hindi nauubusan ng gagawin. Tulog (max of 6 hrs) lang ang pahinga nga daw pahinga ko sabi ni hubby :p

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