Friday, August 22, 2008

4 days weekend

Oh yes we didn’t office for 4 days - Saturday, Sunday, Monday which is National Heroes Day and Tuesday because it was QC day. I enjoyed the long weekend so much!
Nah! We didn’t have an out of town trip/vacation. As for me this is just an added expense and I find it tiring. I’d rather stay at home and be productive. I guess I am a certified homebody that’s why I can even stay for a week or longer at home without going out as long as the materials I need are in place. We didn’t even go home to our parents. We just went out of the house to do the groceries and go to church that’s all.

Though we spent our 4 days at home we had fun, we were able to relax and I was productive! Below are the activities that made our long weekend . . .
Cook. This is always a part of my everyday life. But when weekend comes I cook something extra special. Buttered garlic shrimps & kani salad, crispy pata & stir-fry veggie are some of the dishes I cooked over the weekend. Promise, next time I will be taking pictures and share some of my signature dishes. I hope I can share them well for I cook without a recipe.
Family. We invited over my sisters and the kids at home. At least we still had time with our family. I prepared chicken pasta, nachos and mini pizza for them. I also prepared coffee shake for the kids – and it was a sold out and they wanted for more. These kids are truly coffee addicts. After the coffee intake, their energy went up high – the house was a mess. Hehe.
Household. Hay, the never ending. No choice but to do these – wash, fold and iron clothes, clean the house plus the bathroom cleaning. We almost did a general cleaning.

Sewing. I was able to make 3 boxer shorts for hubby (Pictures will follow). Turned our 3 flat bed sheets to fitted and a pouch for my sewing machine pedestal.

This was made by mom way back late 80s or early 90s. This is one of my favorite bed sheet though the print isn't that nice - its the cool, silky and comfy texture that makes me love it. Hanggang sa nakapag asawa ako binitbit ko pa sya. Even hubby likes it . . .

This was a flat bed sheet before. Hubby insisted that I should make it fitted dahil malaki, mabigat at malikot sya matulog - madali magulo ang bed. Khit mag tumbling pa sya ngyon it stays in place. wink** wink**

Sewing machine pedestal pouch made from hubby's boxer shorts excess cloth (retazo).

Pedestal slid inside.

Movie Watch. We were able to watch the DVDs we bought weeks ago. I enjoyed “The Happening” the most. We had lays and shakes while watching. Very relaxing.

Invitation. I finished the last 35 invitation sets of Jun-Jessica. Yey!

Spa. I gave hubby a home foot spa with pedicure, which was a promise months ago – and he really loved it. Since it was his first time . . . he was tickled to the max. He so love his feet after the spa. He didn’t even want his feet to touch the ground and it took hours before he walked. “Ayaw daw nya madumihan.” Haha.

The said activities are also tiring though I hate the feeling of being tired . . . the good thing about it is I found quality time for hobbies, hubby and family. Also, I was indeed productive.

You might be wondering what’s the role of hubby? He is my assistant! Hehehe.

We might be doing the same things this coming long weekend.


spymama said...

spymama is here.. checking your posts out :P spymama also loves pedicures and foot massage... it feels so deliciously yummy..

spymama said...

spymama got a 2x meme for you... when you are free okie? hugs..