Wednesday, September 3, 2008

43rd day.

It's my 43rd day today, counting 1 from 1st day of my last period.

Actually, my cycle is irregular it plays at 28 - 35 days, but my period comes regularly. I am now 8 or more days delayed. I am hoping but I can't say that I am pregnant because I already had 2 (36th & 41st day) preg test and it resulted to negative. How I wish that it is false negative (fingers crossed)

I'll be having another round of test this coming Saturday if my period doesn't come. If it results to negative I guess I have to visit my OB.

What dya think?


mari said...

i want to think positive sis :) pray pray pray... sana yan na nga sya :p

Raymond - Rhia said...

sana nga sis. m on my 44th day na today :)