Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fully Loaded Weekend

Hubby and I had a fully loaded tummies over the weekend. For sure we gain extra extra pounds again. Hay!
Saturday with the Rodriguez Family

The celebrants (L -R: Mom, Llyod & Ronin)

It's Mommy, Lloyd (BIL) and Ronin (nephew) birthdays reason of going home to Pampanga last weekend. It's nice to be back home after a month, specially that the family is almost complete. Our home was also fully loaded with fun and laughter and of course with our high pitch tone. (Mga kapampangan eh. Hehe). Kids running all over the house and shouting at the top of their voice. Ang gulo pero masaya! Hehehe.

As always, mom and I prepared the food. I so love this part since it's a bonding moment with mom, sharing our recepies with each other at pagalingan sa pagluto. Hahaha.

The grillers: Hubby and me

The food

I did the roast beef and grilled korean bbq chciken - which was a best seller. It tastes like the chicken from teriyaki boy daw. Lola (mom's side) took home the excess, kanya na lang daw. Hehe. Mom did her famous chicharon (na hindi ko tlga magaya - she don't share the exact procedure) , ubod, asado kapampangan (one of her specialties na alam ko na rin lutuin), hinilabos na hipon and palabok. We ended having 2 palaboks, the other one is from lola they keep on comparing, which is better - mom won. Takot na lng nila sa birthday celebrant. Hahaha.

After eating we eneded the night with photo session. This was really fun, kasi kagulo kmi tlga - because we need to hurry up tapos ang dami pa nmin dahil my digicam battery is empty - too bad i forgot the charger. We had to heat the batteries with our hands or scratch them at our laps to take another picture. Hahaha.

It seems that it was lola's birthday, she's always at pictures. Pagbigyan na daw, dahil sya pinkamatanda. She even directs how our position should be. Lola tlga. Hahaha. Here are some of the shots . . .

(L-R: Dad, Mom, Lola the superstar, Tita Linda & Tito Sonny)

(The grand & great grandchildren)

Parang ang dami namin noh? Pero kulang pa kmi nyan ng 11. My tita ninang family are not around since they are US based. Dave (at work) and Bonn (at Dubai) are also missing in action.

Sunday with the Dizon family

It's Lolo Leo's (dad's side) death anniversary, Daena's 10th (niece) birthday and Kuya Jon's (cousin) & Family Despedida.

Supposedly, we will start the day with an 8 AM mass unfortunately dad's BP is still high. So Ate Noli & Lloyd attended the mass as our representatives. Come 9 AM, dad was ok and we headed at uncle Diosie's (dad's brother) house for bfast and lunch. Hay, at ang dami din food. Good thing I was able to control my self to eat a lot but not for hubby.

Party with the Frienships

It's Lance's 1st birthday. Sharlyn & Noel's son. Kainan ulit, we had super meal and I almost ate all. Hay.

Lance is the first friendships (my high school barkada) baby. Our barkada is a late bloomer kasi. Imagine we are on our late 20's and yet out of 9, 3 pa lang nag aasawa. 2 pa lang may anak na tig 1 year old. 1 is getting married on dec and the rest are still single and unattached.

Our 4 abroad based friends of course we not around but the cute thing about this is that 2 of them sent their parents as representaives at nkipag kulitan din sila sa amin. Pictures will follow.

This is how our (hubby & I) Pampanga weekend went by - ang KUMAIN ng KUMAIN!


joy said...

wow! ang saya naman ng weekend niyo at ang sarap ng mga handa. nagutom tuloy ako. i'm craving for palabok. hehehe. saan kayo sa Pampanga? My mom's family is based in Sto. Tomas, Pampanga. take care rhia.

Eds said...

hi rhia! blogger karin pla now ko lang nalaman kay sha sha. Musta na?

Me too ngboblog na? remember me :)