Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tunay na Nosebleed

Hubby woke up with a bleeding nose last week. I asked him to relax, have a sit and tilt his head up with a tissue on his nose and a cold towel (too bad we don’t have ice at home) on his forehead, as first aid. After a few minutes, the blood is still extremely flowing not only from his nose but also from his mouth. Suddenly, he felt dizzy . . . I assume he was nervous and his blood pressure went up, then we decided to go to the hospital because if he falls down – no one can carry him (dahil sobrang laki nya) and we are coming from 5f, at no elevator. Good thing I am not the kind of person that is panicky, I was so calm and can able to think fast on what to do and organized. I was even able to bring extra towel, a lot of tissue and water. Hehe.

That was Wednesday last week, El is coding. So instead of bringing the car – we rode tricycle, because it is readily available, faster and cheaper means of transpo. In less than 5 mins we’re at Polymedic Hosp. That’s what I love about our place everything is readily available and reachable.

As we reached the hosp . . . the attendants immediately assisted him at the Trauma Room where he was asked to tilt his head down to let the blood out (not upward for it won’t let the blood stop – for this will circulate the blood from nose to throat), placed an ice bag on his forehead and a gauge on his left nostril. Then they took his BP and it went up to 150/100. No medicine was given immediately. He was just asked to relax for he was under observation. After a few minutes, the med tech got some blood sample for blood streaming tests. Since the bleeding didn’t stop as they expected – he was given an injectable medicine. Then it eventually stopped.

After an hour, we learned that all the blood tests made are normal. Thank God! As per dra., since he didn't have a traumatic experience, he do not have a fever so the possible cause is that the nose capillaries cannot accommodate the blood flow so instead of circulating it, it went out the nose. He might be stressed out or maybe because of the hot weather. Then we requested to have his BP taken again, and it was normal. Sabi ko na nga ba nerbyos lng tlga. Hehe. Aside from the fact that it was his first time to have a nosebleed, it was also his first time to be admitted at the hosp. At around 9:00 AM we were cleared and discharged.

I even asked hubby weren’t you dreaming talking with foreigners or with your Indian kaberks reason behind when you woke up your nose was bleeding? Harhar. :p

I decided not to report to office for I need to accompany hubby at home, and we relaxed the whole day. Kain – tulog. Sarap! Aircon on for the whole day. Wuaahh! For sure our Meralco bill will be higher. Hehe.

Thanks to the health card that saved us from another expense and to the staff of Polymedic that are very accommodating :-)


mari said...

mabuti na lang okay na si raymond... at hindi ka nagpanic :D

carlamaldita said...

glad eveything turned out well