Wednesday, August 6, 2008

House Update #02: Turn Over by April 2009?

Mwhihhi! MIL a.k.a. our broker told us Camella Prestige - Pacific Residences Phase 3 is being developed and by April 2009 our house will be turned over to us. Yihee! Hubby and I felt so much excitement after hearing the news.

We never thought that the turn over will be a quarter earlier. Since our documents are complete and we pay on time, the contractor will be prioritizing ours. Another Yihee! So we have to save more and tipid more so as we can furnish our home with beautiful furnitures and appliances :)

Still, our fingers are crossed . . . hoping that promised turn over will come to reality. Can't wait for April 2009 - that is 8 mos from now na lng! :)

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