Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shoe Sizes

Got this tag from Jaque

The never-ending obsession with shoes!

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What's your shoe size? Are your feet the same size as your mom's feet? How about your sister's feet? Can you borrow shoes from each other?

Post a picture of your latest shoe buy.

Tag the number of women of your shoe size, i.e. size 5 = tag 5 friends.

Don't forget to drop a line in this blog when you're done. :)

1. Jenny and Belle
2. SAHMdom and Beyond
3. Jacque
4. Rhia
5. Your blog here

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my mom's shoe size - 8
my size - 6
my sister's size - 7 (ate nolie) & 8 (ate rona)

Since I am the smallest in the family I also got the smallest shoe size as well. We don't actually share shoes . . . flip flops - yes! When I was a kid I seldomly get new shoes because of hand me down from sisters but now I got the most number of shoes. Hehehe :P

My latest shoes, mary jane Crocs from hubby. Because of my small size we got them at the kids section. It's around Php 400+ cheaper :) that's the advantage of being small :P

What's your shoe size Em Issa Jammy Sheryll & Wheng ?

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jacque said...

haha, natawa naman ako sis dun sa kid's section ng crocs ka bumili? hehe. cool!