Wednesday, August 6, 2008


While hubby is waiting for me at the mansion lobby, he happened to have a talk with our landlady. She offered us the unit at the 2/f, which will be vacated by month-end. Apparently, the rent is 1k higher. To be able to transfer we have to pay in advance 1k x no of remaining contract months.

We are actually attracted to transfer because our unit is located at the 5/f. FYI, NO elevator! So climbing approximately 60 steps everyday is no joke though we consider it as an exercise. What if I get pregnant? I guess it wouldn’t be advisable for me since I had a miscarriage history.

How about the burden of transferring and fixing our things all over again? The additional pay? Loosing the free Platinum Sky Cable and Wifi connection :p. Will the transfer be worth it if we will stay only until April 2009?

If you were in our case will you transfer or not? Let us know your insights. Thanks.

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Con & Ednel said...

hi sis!

sayang ung free sky cable at wifi :)
but then again, if priority niyo is to have a baby, and you have a history of miscarriage, better transfer. But then again, 2009 is fast approaching. Next week or so, BER months na :)
nyahahaha! nakagulo pa ata ako :P