Friday, August 8, 2008

Glasses on again…

I started wearing contacts a week before our wedding. Yes, because of wedding that’s why I was forced to order. Aside from the near sightedness, special stigmatism thingy is also in place that makes it 3 times more expensive than the regular ones. Come wedding day I wasn’t able to wear them – why? I lost the right lens night before. Ugh! Maybe because of so much excitement I didn’t feel dizziness and everything was clear but not for the misalette that gave me hard time to read it. After the wedding hubby saw my lost lens. Harhar.

My contact lenses just got expired and I am on my eyeglasses again. I have no choice but to wear them on, else everything will be blur and the tendency of fainting. I really hate wearing this on. I feel like I am 5 years older, though it makes me feel the 20-20 vision and bye bye headaches and dizziness.

Oh how I love to purchase another set of contact lenses but I am afraid of the possibility of getting eye cysts, just like my sister.
When I have more than enough money I'll have my eyes lasered. When would this be? Does laser corrects stigmatism too? I don't know. Have to reasearch on this when I have the budget of undergoing laser. Hehe.
Did you know that our entire family is wearing eye glasses (dad, mom and my 2 sisters). The eye defective family. Hehehe

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spymama said...

if laser corrects it, i would save some money for my daughter to have it done when it is more stable. she is the only one wearing glasses in my family and she hates it..