Thursday, May 7, 2009

Working from home

I so love this set up. Morning rush is not in my vocabulary. I do not need to wake up early to prepare our baon, our office attire, myself and transport to office.

As I wake up in the morning, my breakfast is already ready. Then I take a bath (office attire not needed, kahit ano na lng. hehe.) and then work starts via remote access. After a few hours lunch is served followed by siesta then work again then snacks, work again then dinner. Hehe. I do not have to think what I shall eat. Every meal is readily available courtesy of mommy. This is the beauty of staying and working from home.

Aside from the fact that I can save some money for food, transpo and time I can even concentrate well in my work. Though the environment is not very office, aircon turned off, e-fan is enough since my room is well ventilated. I can even feel the natural air from the swaying trees, hear the rain fall on the window pane and hear the humming birds when the sun is shinning. Good thing, I am not magnetized by the bed else hindi na ako nka work. Hehe

Amidst all this benefits, I am missing hubby so much.


carlamaldita said...

kala ko stay at home wife ka pala working pa rin..hehe..saya naman at wala ka na GD sis!

Raymond - Rhia said...

uu nga working pa rin. hehe. sana soon sahw/m na ako. kelan kaya? hehe. m really thankful at wala na ako GD, at sna hindi sya bumalik.

Anonymous said...

I love WFH as well. It used to be WORK FROM HOME until my VP applied a separate policy made specifically for me.

It's WFH but WORK FROM HERE and not WORK FROM HOME. So I have to work at the office more often because she wants to see me more. Hehehe.

It's good that you get to avail of that privilege. With you being so sensitive in your pregnancy and with Raymond being away due to work, security and safety are concerns that needs to be addressed.

Anyway, I hope that you can throw a big party for Baby R someday since you get to save more now that you are with your parents living like a master or rather a princess. Hehehe.

Libre ka naman dyan!

SHARQUE said...

Yhang, I have a tag 4u