Thursday, March 5, 2009

More changes . . . boy or girl?

While the program is being debugged by our ABAP programmer, and while I wait for my turn to test it . . . blog muna ako re my pregnancy - the changes in me. Pampalipas oras. Hehe.

We are now on our 16th week of pregnancy. The 3rd week of my 2nd trimester. 24 weeks more to go. Ang tagal pa, naiinip na ako. Hehe. Can't wait to see, hug and kiss Baby R.

These past few days I noticed a lot of darkening in my body. Eiiiiiwwwww! Hate it! My neck and "batok" are starting to darken, with warts on the side pa. Para tuloy malibag ako. Kadiri. Good thing I have long hair to cover them. My office mate was even making fun of me, para ko daw ibinilad sa araw ang leeg at batok ko. Hmp! Not only my leeg and batok are darkening include to that the singit of my nose (which is also getting bigger) and other parts of the body. Hay . . . kailangan ba tlgang ganito pag buntis? Are these signs na we are having a baby boy? Sana. Hehe.

Aside from the darkening thingy, I am now conscious on how I look particularly with my hair, skin and nails. I make sure that I always have a good hair day, I religiously dry it with blower or electric fan or I even iron it. I am even planning to buy ceramic electric brush and curler in 1. Unlike before wash and wear lng sya. I am always in front of the mirror and check how I look and I make sure that I have a clean nails and nice polish - I love the striking red devil shade now. Hehe. Aside from these, I even bought a complete set of beauty regimen and planning to buy make up kit too. In short, ang arte ko ngayon. Hehe. Is it now a baby girl? As per my office mates, bouncing baby gay daw pag labas. Haha. Pero most of the people around me, they say or they bet, it's a girl. Let's see.
In terms of emotional aspect . . . it is true that pregnant women are emotional, I am. Hehe. There are times na ang bilis uminit ng ulo, ang taray ko and then I just suddenly cry with no reason at all. Pati ako nawiweirdohan sa sarili ko. Hehe. Good thing hubby is patient enough.
Re: my growing progress. The way I see my tummy parang it didn't grow that much but I sometimes feel that Baby R is moving. It looks the same when I was at my 3rd mo and no added inches at my waist. Maybe because I have lessen my sugar intake and I don't eat that much, nasasabyan ko yta ang pag diet ni hubby. Natatakot ako lumaki masyado at lumaki din ang gastos bka kasi ma C-Section ako which is far expensive than normal delivery. Hehe.

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cpsanti said...

hahaha! i guess pregnant women really go through an emotional roller coaster no? have a safe and fun pregnancy! ;-)