Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Check Up & Changes . . .

The laziness in me strikes again. Hay. I haven’t posted any update re my pregnancy. Bad me. I know that these are important milestones that I should not fail to document or share with my fellow bloggers. I guess it’s not yet too late to blog about it.

Let me start with my prenatal check ups we have been through . . .

Prenatal Check Up #1 (Dec 13)
- This is the day when we learned that we are pregnant. Hubby immediately scheduled an appointment with Tita Bingle/OB (hubby’s aunt) for check up. Since we already have a record at the clinic, no medical historical background was made. The usual reminder of things and food to avoid.
- Aside from the routine checks (BP, IE, weight, etc . . .) I also had urinalysis – sad to say had UTI again.
- Expected due date: Aug 15 (by LMP)
- Multivitamins (after breakfast), Folic Acid (after dinner) and Duphaston (2x a day-since I had a miscarriage history) were the prescribed medicines.

Prenatal Check Up #2 (Jan 5)
- I had another round of urinalysis, and this time it’s normal! Yey!
- I did not gain any weight.
- I had a transvaginal ultrasound and we are so happy see our baby’s heartbeat. Cuteness! We cannot describe the feeling of seeing our baby and the beat of his heart. This time we can really tell the world that we are pregnant. I felt lesser worries after knowing that baby is doing well inside my tummy. We also learned that baby is already 7 weeks and 5 days old.
- New due date: Aug 19
- Tita Bingle prescribed the same medicines. Another 10 more days for Duphaston.

Prenatal Check Up #3 (Feb 7)
- Urinalysis round 3 – normal again. Yey!
- I cannot believe that I gained 2 kls / 4.4 lbs. in a month. Tita Bingle find it a bit alarming since the ideal weight gain per month is only 1 kl. She advised me not to take too much sugar. If I continued gaining too much weight this might lead to CS delivery and that I may be a candidate for gestational diabetes. Wag naman sana. Promise I’ll watch over my diet.
- She changed my vitamins (this might be the possible reason why I gain too much weight) to food supplement.

Changes . . .
We are turning 13 weeks tomorrow. A lot of things have changed and transpired within the period in different aspects of our lives. In terms of my physical attributes, different things I feel as my pregnancy progress, wife and husband responsibilities.

As a mom to be . . . my tummy is now 6 inches bigger kaya at 8 weeks pa lng I already started wearing maternity clothes (ang laki ko daw magbuntis, siguro dahil giant ang daddy. . . hehehe), my breast became more fuller (gifted eh) , my nipples and areola are darkening (awwww!); headache is always present, heartburn is also there, I sometimes feel dizzy, l easily get irritated, lack of energy and already experiencing lower back pains. Good thing nausea and spotting snubbed me. I beat constipation by taking as much fiber and water as I can. I make sure that I sleep early to catch more then 8 hrs sleep and I take power naps during lunch break. The disciplined me. I reaserch a lot and I do read baby books too! Ako ba to? Hehe.

I still fulfill some of my wife responsibilities but limited to cooking + preparation (with hubby’s assistance pa), folds the clothes and sweeping. No more no less. The rest of the household chores are assigned to hubby since we do not have house help.
I am so thankful that hubby is always there taking care of me and our soon to be baby. He just don’t know how much I appreciate his presence and being responsible enough as all in one – driver (to and off work though out of the way), cook, labandero, iron man (haha!), dishwasher, financer and as a loving hubby. I am glad that he is able to manage all these things though he works full time at the office and with heavy workload. As a daddy naman I find him very funny and sweet every time he talks and sings to baby. Ang kulit tlga! Haha.

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