Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back in the Game

Hubby is back with Darts. I guess giving him a complete dart set as my present on our 1st year anniversary made him an active darter once again.

Last Novemeber up until now he is active joining darts competition. He joined several competions, and on his 5th attempt and he finally won, not 3rd or 2nd place but champion. Yihee! The price is nothing much - a mid size trophy and a small cash price - just enough for the registration fee on his next game. No matter how small or big the price at stake is, what's important is the exposure and that he gained back his confidence after almost 8 years of being idle with darts.

Congrats babi and Goodluck in your next competition.

I am also back in the game. I am trying to revive the one and only sports I excelled in - table tennis. Our mini sports fest at the office inspired me to play table tennis once again. I even bought a new racket - Stiga CarboTech which was my dream racket during my high school days. Now, it is in my hands and it didn't fail me on my game. I won. Hehe. How I wish I can gain back the game I use to play, 12 years ago. Hehe.

I also bought a simple racket for hubby, para naman may playmate ako. He plays well din in this sport. Then eventually hanap ng ibang mkakalaro na medyo higher level. Hehe. If given the chance I'll try to join competition again. Hehe.

This suddenly made me reminish my table tennis days and of course my teammates. Na-miss ko sila bigla and our friendship. We really had so much fun and we almost did it sa national competition. Sayang. Sad to say wala na kming communication. I'll try to find someways on how I can communicate with these guys, and maybe set up a reunion. Calling Coach Lawrence Angeles, Coach Ray Reg, my ka-doubles Laurice Biliwang and Mike Ponce, my other teammates - Rolenjo David, Dale, Mylene Malit, Baby, Joyce, Noemi, Macmac and Balweg-who taught me how to do the spin. These guys gave a big tribute to my HS days. If I were to describe my HS = table tennis. I was even awarded athlete of the year come graduation. Good thing I didn't fail any subject, I even had good grades then. Hehe.


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carlamaldita said...

naks reminiscing ah...saya talaga ng HS life!

Con & Ednel said...

sis! we should definitely meet up! I was the team captain of our highschool table tennis team! hahaha! aliw naman! kala ko wala ng may ibang love ang table tennis :)