Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I got GD

Again, I didn’t pass the 2nd OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test) last April 4. This test requires 8 hours fasting + 4 hours during the actual test. It was again drinking that super sweet concentrate medical orange juice (but this time in a bigger dosage) that made me dizzy and almost puke. Then every after hour for 4 times - a prick will be done from my finger for blood sample.

Out of the 4 blood sample, 2 of which are positive. I actually forgot the result values. This means I am positive to (Gestational Diabetes) GD. For the meantime, OB asked me to diet, since no oral medicine can cure GD. I am now only allowed to eat ½ cup of white rice/ 1 cup of brown rice per meal, veggie, fish, chicken w/o the skin and some selected not so sweet fruits.

It’s really hard to diet when pregnant. I sometimes feel sad not being able to eat the food I want or not satisfied with the meal w/ small serving. Anything and all the best for Baby R, I am very willing to sacrifice and discipline myself.

I’ll have another round of test this coming Saturday, my 3rd screening. This is to check if GD is gone or if I need to inject insulin. I really hope not.

After all the dieting and almost no sugar intake. I guess I need to diet more. I can't really believe that I got GD.

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mari said...

sis, better magdiet kesa mag-injection. pero syempre, anything for the baby. kaya mo yan...