Monday, February 2, 2009

Bye 2008, Hello 2009!

January 2009 is over and I haven’t even posted even a single entry. I wasn’t even able to post a year ender and welcome remarks for year 2009. Hay. I hope I can catch up this coming Feb and the coming months. Sorry for not making the tags – I’ll try my best to do them. Promise.

There were a lot of untold stories, no updates made re our house construction, re my pregnancy and other things that make my/our world go round. Blame it tons of work here at the office that made no more energy left to blog.
Let me share with you a brief of description of our 2008 and what's in store for us this 2009 . . . as a blog starter for the year . . .

Y2008 has been very good to hubby and me. Almost all our 2008 plans did materialize. We were able to purchase a house, fully paid our not so new car, we did save better than before and most of all we got pregnant! Only zeroing-out our credit cards, failed us - but almost done. I guess we still did a great job. Yey! Congrats to us. Hehe. God is so good showering all these blessings to us. Thank you po.

Y2009. There are a lot of things in store for us this year that makes it very exciting and at the same time challenging. Exciting in the sense that we we’ll transfer in our very own home and we’ll soon be a family – all these by Aug 2009. Challenging in terms of facing a new role not only as a wife but also as a mom and the financials impact. Given these, we did not draft or lined-up plans for this year, except to continue zeroing-out our credit cards. We only made projections on our financials on possible costs and savings for the entire 2009. As per our computation, ok pa naman to survive. We do hope and pray that nothing will go wrong.

What else can I say kundi “Goodluck to us!”

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