Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cup Cake Rush

It was all about rushing when I semi-DIYed cup cakes for Tammy's 7th Birthday last Friday (Oct 17) . Two days before the party when Ate Rona finally decided to have the cup cakes as dessert and souvenir.

I only have to days (or I may say hours since I go to office 8:30AM - 7:00 PM) to scout for nearby suppliers and purchase for packaging materials. Lunch break was all I have to attend to this. I don't have any idea where to buy these stuff since I am not yet into baking. Thanks to an officemate who provided me weblinks were to find baking needs.
Wednesday (Oct 15) was for suppliers scouting. Thursday (Oct 16) was for buying the supplies, packaging materials preparation and a bit practice. Btw, the thank you labels were scrap materials from the invitations I make. Hehe. Friday (Oct 17) was for assembly. I woke up at 6AM and was able to finish whipping the cream (thanks to my blender that made me work fast-it worked!), decorating and packing the ready to eat 40 cup cakes fresh from groceries at around 7:30 AM. Fast for a first timer I guess. One more thing, I was not late at the office. *Wink*Wink*

Below are some snap shots of the semi-DIYed cup cakes that I consider as a success. Guests find them adorable and cutie :-)

I guess I'll made them better if I was given enough time.

My family and relatives were wondering how I did the cup cakes for they know that I don't yet have an oven. Hahaha. Ate Noli was even telling me that I shall make it as another business. Why not? Hehe.

Supposedly these should be arranged in a 3-tiered cake stand but they are charging us P500 corkage fee so we just ended up distributing them around the cake :-(
See Tammy's Aurora costume? I am prooud to say that it was made by my mom. Galing noh? Sayang lng they forgot to bring the peticot.

This is my family plus the 2 kids of my cousin Doan. Missing in action? Our hubbies - they are all at work.


something purple said...

nice cupcakes rhia :)
have a good halloween!

Cheri said...

Hi sis!
Ask ko lang kung saan mo na nabili yung lalagyan ng cupcakes and how much?I'll be using it kasi for my next DIY din.
Thanks in advance.