Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am back!

Horaaaay! Busy and sick days are over . . . and I am back to the blogging world. I missed doing this stuff. There's a lot of catching up do and some overdue post to be shared.

June and July has been very toxic months. I can't imagine how I surpassed the days of these months . . . grabe, I am so busy doing lots of things all at the same time and now I am in petiks mode again. Yahooo!

The following made me silent in the blogging world for two months . . .

WORK - The OR Automation:
Yey! After a long period of time I was able to implement the project successfully. I am so thankful that the users love it and they are so happy with the program that made their work easier and faster. No more OT for them. Hehe. My boss told me this project is an added feather in my hat. ***wink***wink***
The Business Planning and SAP Summit were some of my additional activities involving work.

EXTRA - Siomai
It’s not that I am not earning enough at the office. It’s not that I need extra income. Wala lng I just feel like doing these rackets and putting extra challenge in my life. Just checking my capabilities. The art, sales and cooking power. Hehehe.

Every time hubby sees a food cart of siomai house he can’t resists but eat 2-3 orders. Takaw noh? So I explored cooking siomai and tada! It taste even better. My friend even told me that my siomai tastes far better than those sold at Nataniel’s Food House (Pamp). Ehem.

One time my sister requested me to cook siomai for her officemates, as her promotion treat. The verdict – they all loved it! So orders started coming in. Instant business. Hehe. After couple of bulk orders, Hubby and I decided not to pursue it yet because it is the kind of business that requires a lot of time and patience.

Another EXTRA - Invitation
My invitation business strikes again! Another happy client. Yey!. I’ll make a separate post for this.

2 more invites lined up . . . for Jun-Jessica and Dexter-Grace. I also have another 2 prospects but still thinking if I’ll close deal with them. Bahala na.

FAMILY Matters
My aunt came home from US. So we need to go home to PAmp every weekend and spend some time with her and at the same time it is our town fiesta.
SICK Days!
I got sick (tonsillitis was the culprit of my 1 week fever) and I was on SL for a week. Viral infection passed by our office. We are only 10 in the team and 5 of us were infected all at the same time. Good thing that hubby was there taking care of me. Thanks hubby!
I don't feel perfectly okay pa rin upto now :( How I miss my healthy days.

These were the things that made me so busy for the past two months and reason behind why I have been so silent. I promise to catch up! Miss you blogmates!

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